Topic: RE Fans, What Happened to Our Revelations Info?

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I'm a huge RE fan. The 2 second clip looked good, but I need more. I didn't expect a date, but I wanted more info on this HIGH profile game...

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It looks good from hat capcom has been saying this is basically resident evil 6. it looks like from the end it may be remaking the last part of the chronicles game for core gaming.


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Operation Raccoon City has been confirmed to be Resi 6. This is more 5.5


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Aviator wrote:

Operation Raccoon City has been confirmed to be Resi 6. This is more 5.5

Oh please god, let that be a cruel prank!!

Bwahahaha I am a fox 8D
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Isn't revelations before RE 5?
Why would this be 5.5 or 6 if it happened before the previous game? O.o

Meowph, that's right!

Oh look! A Morphloggery.
Oh! eShop Gurus.

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Looking pretty awesome, although most of the trailer consisted of Cut scenes....And I'm dieing to see another type of enemy aside from that Silent Hill-esc squidish looking creature. Back during the 2010 trailer we got a glimpse of a zombie....Hopefully the ship at some point is over run with shambler zombies!



And what's the deal with that new Character Jessica at the end? She looks like she should be hitting up the Runway or getting her nails done. Leave it to RE to whip out characters that don't even seem like they should be in the situation they're in......Cough* Rebecca cough*

As for Parker, he's like a new dorky and chubby looking Barry, I love him already.
But we need to see some zombies already! Aside from that same creature we always see in footage and screens. And seeing the 3rd person aiming would be ace! instead of the first person.

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