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I love playing Mario Kart 7 - 3DS but never played any sonic racing games.

Does anyone know how the sonic racing games differ from the mario racing games? Besides different character's.

I'm only guessing sonic had other racing games in the past I don't know for sure.

I saw Sonic All Stars 3DS racing game set for Dec. I don't plan on getting the game probably til summer though maybe.

How would a sonic racing game be different from a mario racing game?

Thank's in advance!

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i played that sega all star racing game on the DS. it was okay but nowhere near as good as mario kart 7.

i love ridge racer 3D btw

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6ch6ris6 wrote:

i played that sega all star racing game on the DS. it was okay but nowhere near as good as mario kart 7.

i love ridge racer 3D btw

Yeah, I've heard the second-best racing game on 3DS is Ridge Racer 3D; and I agree with that assessment. So if you want another good racing game for 3DS, that's the one to go with.

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Need for Speed the Run is actually really decent. I was surprised by the handling, but the animation of cops and crashes are mediocre.

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Ridge Racer is the only other 3DS racer I have played other than MK7. While the lack of online is well a bit strange. Either way RR3D is a very meaty game I never finished the campaign so the lack of online actually isn't bad once you get into it.

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@Barbiegurl777 Your question is how MK7 is different than Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed. Sonic Transformed handles more like an arcade racer, with the karts weighing more.
The only other main difference besides Characters, karts and tracks is the gameplay. Mario Kart 7 and Sonic Transformed both take on 3 different ways to race, land sea, and air.
As you probably know, Mario Kart 7 keeps land pretty much the same as before. Sonic has a more solid gameplay like Outrun 2 really. Mario has a gliding air mechanic, whereas Sonic is flying in the air, and Mario goes submarine style, while Sonic goes goes boating.

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