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The violence ratings, its not on the 3DS, the thing above the bar code is gibberish.

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Isn't that a DS Lite the mummy Rabbid is popping out of.

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shinesprite wrote:

Isn't that a DS Lite the mummy Rabbid is popping out of.

They messed that up.
Also it contradicts itself. It says it can't be used with the dsi/ds then it says it can.
What a terrible fake.

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@Jon: Considering there are so many contradictions on that box art, I doubt it's legit

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I also noticed that the Rabbid was popping out of a DS Lite, not a 3DS. It even says on the box that it's not compatible with the Nintendo DS!

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I'm sure a Rabbid made this...

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Don't forget that the "Nintendo DS is a Trademark of Nintendo"- which is true and it mentioned- but if it's a 3DS game, why does it not say "3DS is a trademark of Nintendo"?

Then again, it doesn't mention it. Except for that website listed. Which doesn't work (for now).

Guess it will when we're nearing the release of the 3DS.



This is definitely legit placeholder box art for retailers - I have a sleeve on my desk right now with exactly the same information on it.

Remember this is just placeholder art and not final box art - they presumably just updated the cover for Rabbids on DS and "forgot" to change a few things.


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What's wrong with the Okami art?




if you look closely at the zoomed in part, the circle of the IGN logo is visible right in front of Ammy's open jaws, and the letters are right where that flourish of fur ends. it's easier to see on an IRL copy, lol :3

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supernin10do wrote:

I'm sure a Rabbid made this...

LOL! I gotta second that. I almost thought that the site was going to hack me once I got that strange pop-up asking some strange data. That case is full of all kinds of contradictions. It's looks as if an inexperienced teenager did a bad photoshop job on it.

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The whole thing is fake. The product codes are all DS codes:
NTR005 - Nitro (DS original codename) game card.
NTR P ARBE is from the game Robots.

Nintendo would not have let the packaging go into production with any of those errors (they approve the manauls and the box art). It is pure BS.

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also, the DS is mirrored or something, lol


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