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I planned to purchase 3DS LL from amazon. I never had a mobile console (or console) before.
(I have searched the forum and read the F.A.Q for 3DS and eShop in this site)

I do know that some of the JP Social Network Website out there DOES NOT allow any non-Japanese to register a new account . So here are my questions for you non-Japanese 3DS JP Region owner
1. can you register your new eShop account? (even though you do not live in Japan)
2. can you purchase games using your foreign issued credit card (not the one issued in Japan)
3. If later in the future , I would purchase a Nintendo WiiU US/EU Region , can I still use the account I have registered from my 3DS JP Region?
4. Can I make a backup of downloaded / purchased game into my computer or SDCard? (As this is the only concerned for me purchasing online digital copy instead of having a physical copy, if 10 years later the eShop is discontinued, I want to know, in fact that I can still install the game I have purchased before straight from my Computer / SDCard)
5a. I do know that Fire Emblem Awakening is available for US/EU Region eShop , how about JP Region? ( information acquired from , said it is only available in US and EU Region )
5b. Which is really surprising for me, because I though famous games that are available in retail WILL be available for download in eShop too within less then 6 months or so. Considering that Fire Emblem is EXTREMELY Famous J-RPG game , It is mind-bogglingly hard to even fathom this ... So is this a normal occurrence? or special only for fire emblem?

Thanks a lot

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I'll do my best to answer your questions, but I haven't experienced all of them firsthand, so they may not be fully accurate:
1. I'm not aware of the service Japan uses, but I'm sure there's some way to do so.
2. I don't believe you can use an out-of-region credit card to add $ to an eShop account. Try it yourself and see if it works (you can always delete your credit card info from your 3DS if that doesn't work), and if not, there are two different routes: importing Japanese eShop cards, or getting a (maybe reloadable?) Japanese credit card and using that.
3. Not sure with this one at all, not gonna try answering.
4. You can back up your SD Card to a computer. You should be able to re-install a game to your 3DS provided you have an SD Card with the game on it somewhere (that may involve juggling cards, though)
5. Yes, it's been available in Japan for a while now. Usually Japan gets games before NA/EU, and FE:A is no exception to this rule.

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Thanks birdman, I try search in google, and this thread goes on the top .... really? has nobody ever asked this question before?!
Oh man.... I am getting nervous in purchasing one
I know that can accept my credit card and also new user registration from outside japan... I just hope that eShop is similar to ..
But if after I have purchased the 3DS LL, and can not register a new eshop account and register my credit card in it, that will means I need to import every single physical copy from japan

Can anybody with 3DS LL help answer the first 2 questions? Please help



I PM-ed the person, and got this answer that might further clarify everything

m4g1c14n wrote:

Hi m4g1c14n,

Thanks for your PM.

In regards to your question, that looks about right.
It won't ask you for your billing details, but it might ask you to enter your Japanese Club Nintendo information (if you have an account.)

You can add funds from the add funds menu, or after you top up only as much as you need after selecting an item. The funds should automatically be added to your account when paying via card.

On that note, the first time you enter your card details, it may ask if you wish to save these details to the device, and asks you to set a pin.

If your Japanese isn't up to scratch, just remember that if it asks for a pin after your card info, you probably selected to save info. You can just back out from that screen and choose the other option.

Hope that helps. Any other questions feel free to ask.

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