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Just registered - I've been visiting this site for a of my favourites. Current Wii U owner and potential 2DS owner!

Just curious about whether the lack 3D will make any of the great 3DS games too frustrating/awkward. I read somewhere that some puzzles in Zelda were re-worked to accommodate, but what about others like Mario 3D and Luigi?



I have rarely used the 3D in any Nintendo game and found no trouble without it.

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Thanks guys...I was worried that some puzzles etc. might require 3D to understand what they were about. Can't wait to grab the 2DS. Luigi, Link to the Past and Animal Crossing will likely be my first purchases.



The 3D helped me judge the accuracy of jumps and such in Mario 3D Land, and a few of the puzzle rooms will be impossible to discern in 2D, but the game as a whole should be perfectly playable. No 3DS game REQUIRES 3D.

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Pretty much what Ralizah say about Super Mario 3D Land. Thanks goodness I'm not the only one noticed that. You just might have a hard time in puzzle box in like one or two levels since you only see 2D when 3D going help a lot.

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Honestly, I loved the 3D feature while my wife doesn't give a rat's donkey about it. It really depends....I would suggest you to get a feel for it in bestbuy or futureshop before shelling out your hard earn $. Just my 2cents.

The 3D in Project X Zone and Fire emblem awakening is beyond beautiful.

If you really don't care about the 3D just get the 2DS, you probably won't be missing much.

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I, personally, love the 3D feature, but it's really only extra; there aren't any games that are unplayable without it. I'd still like to get a 2DS sometime as a second system; I really like the way it feels in your hands!

...then again, I'd like to get a PS Vita sometime, too...

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Unca_Lz wrote:

I have rarely used the 3D in any Nintendo game and found no trouble without it.

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Unca_Lz wrote:

I have rarely used the 3D in any game and found no trouble without it.



@Alstil .... what's more important is if the feature is important to you. The stereoscopic effect doesn't really effect game play as much as it may sound like, but it does effect how you see the game. To some of us, it's the difference between viewing a DeVinci and a billboard.

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If you're debating about getting a 3DS or 2DS, you might want to just try and get the regular 3DS. You might be able to get the regular 3DS for the same price as a new 2DS. I bought a used 3DS for $130 2 years ago, so you're bound to find the same deal.

Someone in my area was selling 2 regular 3DS for $100, so... In otherwords, look around for a good deal and you might not need to "sacrifice" the 3D option. Or you could buy a 3DS that has a game included.

EDIT: There are many choices.

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I personally love the 3d, the games just look flat and boring when i turn it off. But the 3d really isn't required for any game so u should be fine.



the 3D is a minor point to decide buying or not as you can beat any game without it(but it's still super cool) in the end those who never used the 3DS' 3D won't feel the need to and the ones who used will either love it and say it's necessary or dislike it and say it's a bother(there are those who are neutral but they will agree with the ones who dislike)
in the end you can't have the answer if you don't try it.

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