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I really hope they add more puzzles like Pandoras Tower, The Last Story, Xenoblade, SkyWard Sword, Epic Yarn, Mario 64, SSBB, black and white 2, NSMB2, a G&W puzzle, chibi-Robo, bowsers inside story, and Wario land, at SOME POINT just so you don't think I mean tomorrow because a lot of us already have a lot to finish as is, but others like me are close (stupid pink pieces) I'd totally be up for finishing an epic yarn puzzle

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i went to westfields shopping centre in stratford in the hope that nintendo were going to be there, their uk site has them advertised that they would be showing off mario and sonic olympics, especialy as it`s a week before the actual 2012 olympics, so i assumed it would be a perfect day out that might result in a good amount of puzzle pieces.
i got there and couldn`t find them any where, after a good hour and half walk around (westfields shopping centre is huge btw). which was dissapointing.
tbh the whole trip i ended up feeling a bit let down really.
the tube ride there was busy, the shopping centre was packed out, and the ride home was packed out too.
with passing hundreds of people, including families, i would have thought that i might have picked up a fair few street pass hits. but no, i got 3 for the whole days effort, and 2 of which only had standard puzzle pieces for me.
the only redeeming things really was one hit was for somebody`s birthday, which got me the birthday achievement, and one of the other passes was a guy from france, which is always cool to add to the list of mii`s from different countries.
oh well, i may try going to somewhere like gatwick or heathrow airports. somebody did suggest that airports are usually good for street pass hits.

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