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As the title says, yet i was wondering if it's even possible to some how cloud or blur the 3DS's top and bottom screens by gentely using your finger/thumb to whipe off that little bit of whatever that can sometimes be on there. I'm guessing it's fine and doesn't do any harm whatsoever, but i just wan't to make sure, since I've been doing that very same thing with all of my Nintendo Portables.

However, I royally fudged up my 1st DS lite years ago, by being compeltely clueless and using a a rag cloth on the top screen, which resulted in clouding the screen to

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For me, I get a soft cloth, the one that also wipes my pc monitor, tap a drop of water on it and wrap the cloth around your finger then wipe. Thats the way I did it to my old DS.
If you're afraid of messing up the screens when wiping it, why not apply screen protectors, especially since I've heard cases of the lower screen scratching the 3D screen.

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I'd recommend grabbing a cleaning cloth for glasses or sunglasses, which you can grab from any optometrist. They'll do a good job of cleaning screens without scratching them.

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If you're really anal retentive, don't touch your upper screen with your finger. The oil from your finger will just leave a smudge on the screen, so despite wiping some dust away, you're leaving a big fingerprint.

Get yourself a microfiber cloth, which is what Wheels is referring to. They sell them at Best Buy and other stores that sell TVs and computers. Usually they'll come with an LCD screen cleaning spray. That stuff works great with the cloth.

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There is no proper way (:



This is the advice form Nintendo's website. Hope this helps

How to Clean the System Screens

Step by step instructions on how to clean the Nintendo 3DS Touch Screen and 3D Screen.

Important Note!

  • Do Not: Use any solvents or cleaners of any kind
  • Do Not: Submerge the system in water or other liquids
  • Do Not: Pour water directly on the screens

What to do:

  1. Slightly dampen a soft, cotton cloth with water ONLY and wipe off the Touch Screen and 3D Screen.
  2. Using a dry portion of the same cloth, wipe the screens dry.
  3. Using a loop of transparent tape, dab at any remaining dust or smudges.

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Tape... on a screen this delicate? The fudge?!

I just use a small spray of polish on a cloth, rub it in, any excess just wipe it off... for minor things use a cloth you use for glasses or what not, give a nice breath on the screen(s) and wipe them clear, easiest way to remove smudges.

Another is to just keep it in an air-tight container and never use it... this thing gets too dusty too quickly.

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I put a drop of water on a cotton ball, and clean it with that. Try to blow off the pieces of dust first though, so you don't start scratching them across the screen.

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1.) Breathe on screen
2.) Make circular rubbing motions with a ds screen cleaner.
3.) Keep going for 1 min.
4.) Repeat steps 1-3

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Thanks for the tips guys!
And I'm guessing using your finger to whipe at the screen wont leave any permenant smudges as those smudges can easily be whiped away by using a cotton cloth...Right....RIGHT!?lol

And while playing PilotWings Resort, or scrolling through the 3DS's menu's and the like, I have noticed that the screen looks mildy blurrier and that's most likely because of my finger print smudges, which can be cleaned anyways.

But what i find wierd is that i when i opened my 3DS for the first time i noticed that the bottom touch screen had this slight cloudyness to the screen, maybe they're all like that.

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Hmm, my 3DS' bottom screen is not "cloudy", it's kind of weird what you say. O.o

Personally I use EMTEC LCD cleaners, with one wet and one dry cloths in each set (they come in a box of 6 sets if I remember correctly), and they never failed me. They do not contain alcohol or any other solvent and are not toxic, and remove every piece of dirt without a problem. And yes, I use them despite Nintendo not recommending to use any cleaners. So far my DS Lite an 3DS (and also PSP while I had it) never showed any negative effects of that...

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I just use the cloth from my glasses, works fine.

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I use the cleaning cloth that came with my iPod Touch. It works surprisingly well!

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Deleted84 Online carries these two. Should one of these do the trick? I'm guessing so, but there's no way in hell that i'd wan't to risk clouding or scratching up my screeen...So I'm just making sure.

Dynex Cleaning Cloth

Dynex Microfiber Cleaning Cloth is a 10"x10" super fine, lint free, soft and washable cloth. They are safe to use on CD/CD-ROM, DVD/DVD-ROM, monitors, plasma, Digital camera, camcorder and also for electronic equipments housing. The microfiber cleaning cloth removes finger prints, dust, dirt and oil from the surface of the disc or the monitor

Icon iPad Cleaning Cloth

The Icon Cleaning Cloth is made from a very soft, high quality microfiber that picks up dirt and oil without scratching the screen. It is perfect for cleaning your fingerprint covered iPad screen. No cleaning spray required. The Icon Cleaning Cloth comes folded in a clear plastic case for easy storage. It measures 9 1/2" x 9 1/2".

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a use a very soft terry cloth, and i put a drop of water on one spot of the cloth and i clean in small circles and then after i do that, i use the same cloth but i use a dry part and dry the screen

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Microfiber cloths will work fine Waveboy. They don't scratch your screen and they wipe off grime really well. LCD cleaning spray also works well with those. Just don't get any liquid into the speakers.



Thanks guys! I ended up ordering that Dynex Micro Fibre Cloth from BB.
Now Lets let this thread die a slow and painful

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I just have one of those black silk like smooth fiber wipe rags used usually on things like glasses and stuff so they don't get scratches which take up dust, dirt, gunk and smudges with relative ease. I also keep it as of the last few days folded in half in the thing when it is closed so I don't get more of those ring / line rub impressions on it again too.

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