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I've beaten both demos by just randomly bashing A and the D pad along with the L and R triggers whenever available, but I can't help but feel I'm doing jt wrong. Is there some sort of strategy I should be employing in the fights?



that's all right in the demo since it's only a small part of the game and demos are about half of the actual stage.anyways there's really no strategy unless you actually have the game and you trying to not let a character die then you have to make sure all characters have more than health because the enemy will gang up on that character and try to kill the character and items, you must use them wisely because if you use them constantly then you'll run out of items really fast. Also skills are a important factor as well since they( depends on character skills) might increase strength,Defense,range of movement and attack range or the ability to heal all characters( very important)



No, you shouldn't randomly bash the buttons during a fight. There are different directions to your attacks depending on the direction of the Control Pad/Circle Pad when you hit A: only A, A + <, A + >, A + v, and A + ^ (although the last two you unlock a little later, once you level up) The trick is, something that goes untold by the game, if you can use each of these attacks at least once in a single battle, you will get +1 Attack. When you're in a battle, look above the XP bar, and you'll see what I mean. You also definitely should not mash the buttons when available. You should time your attacks so that when the enemy is falling back to the ground, or falling back to you, you attack them just before they hit the ground. If you mash it when available, you would waste that move while the enemy was in the air, and since the amount of attacks you can perform in a single battle is limited, you need to make every move count! Not to mention that most enemies will block your attacks immediately once they've reached the ground, so be sure to keep them in the air for as long as possible with attacks. And remember, when you use an L or R move, the enemy will be suspended where the Solo or Support unit's attacks cross. Use that opportunity to barrage the enemy with attacks, because since it is suspended, it can't be thrown back from your reach or launched into the air. The key point when using the L or R attacks is to have everyone attacking at the same spot at the same time, basically. To top it all off, if necessary, use Y at the very end of the battle if you have 100% XP or more. Don't waste that special attack on a normal enemy, use it on stronger ones like bosses. Also, no offence to the poster, but the person above kinda left out a lot of details that I won't get into, but you asked about the battles, so I said what I know.

Also, you should check this thread, because it's been around longer and more people actually use it. I would imagine this thread here would get locked pretty soon.

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@CaptainSquid the reason I left out major details in my post was because he was only playing the demo...thus the reason I didn't explain all of that but yeah you basically said forgot something about the X Cross... that should also be timed and also you need to use the right attack because some solo and support attack are in the air so you need to use a move that attacks in air so that way you can deal alot of damage and same goes to the ground attacks ....there is green bar in the bottom of the enemy's health bar that shows you how much it can block so that way you know and won't waste any damage that was possible to do, there some attacks that can break a enemy's barrier that have two segments of the green block bar, that's basically all



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