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Okay for those of you who don't know, there is an upcoming crossover 3DS game with Professor Layton and Phoenix Wright. I've heard about it on a different site a few months ago, and it has not been confirmed to be released worldwide as of yet, which raises the question; where has it been lately? Haven't heard anything about it for a while.


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There hasn't been a localization announcement about it yet, but I'd imagine that it will be more than likely shown off at this year's E3.

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presumably Nintendo will publish it if Capcom decides to be dumb again

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That's what I figured, since from what I've seen of it the game looked fairly close to completion. Then again it might be another case of prolonged localization.


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I cant wait to play this ...a Jap version 3DS is here....on my desk

But i couldn't even understand one word.... TAT

Capcom please annouce the release date ....

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I seriously hope it comes out here, hell It will push my temptation to import a US 3DS if it's not out in Europe. Considering AA5 has been confirmed Western release; and 99% sure Layton 6 will be out here, It makes no sense for them to hold it back. Only thing i can think of is they want AA5/Layton to sell better, then release it?.. It's the dam reason I brought a 3DS.. I want



Imagine getting a confirm that both this and Bravely Default were coming to the west at E3! Methinks western 3DS owners would collectively need a change of pants.

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If it does come to Western audiences it'll be shown at E3,and be released in Winter this year.

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I am dying for this game. seriously.

Pretty girls game too!
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