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i have got my luggage tag

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I just bought my copy today. When i get some free time tonight i will play it.

Can I expect it to be as good as the previous games?

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yes it as just as good maybe even better

3ds name steven
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This is my first Professor Layton game and I must say I am LOVING it. At first, it seemed a bit slow, but once I became accustom to the order of things, I was completely hooked. Simply, marvelous.

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Would anyone say playing the previous Layton games is vital to enjoying or adds a lot of enjoyment to this one? I've only played the first one but I might want this...

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started layton again as i got everything but movies so the ones i lost the mosst on i will do in one go and hopefully it will work

3ds name steven
ac new leaf dream code 6000-2194-6895

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I havent bought professor layton yet when i do will i still be able to get all 365 free puzzles?

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Yes, but it'll probably take a whoooooole lotta time to download.

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Cheers im dowmloading the game now amd its taking forever is the e shop always slow for full retail game downloads

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TheDreamingHawk wrote:

Gamesake wrote:

Can't say I'm liking the new look.
The DS Professor Layton games are great though, so I'll probably get Miracle Mask at some point.

They look so blocky!

On the plus side Miracle Mask sounds like it has the best music yet in a Professor Layton game. my pants.


I... I'm surprised more of you haven't got this yet. Is it not out in America yet or something?
Anyway, it's fantastic, the graphics look way better in the game but I still think 3D hand drawn would have looked better. On the other hand, there are a lot more moving details in the background like people and random gadgets, so the graphics also feel a lot more alive even if they aren't as notable. nodnod
The puzzles are good but a lot more visuals-based this time which I don't like.
The story seems interesting so far.
I've barely played this because of Giants. "

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Now that I have (somewhat) finished it: Don't you guys think this one was a little easy compared to the last 3? For example there where less math-puzzles, but even then the other puzzles where on the easy side. Still, the game was a blast! Maybe they made this one easier to attract a new audience? Maybe the next one will be harder?

Anyway, I love it that The last Specter, Miracle mask and the movie are connected with the upcoming game! It's all about the Azran civilization! Since the upcoming one is supposed to be the last one (for now), I expect a great conclusion! Especially since the identity of Descole seems to be a big deal! I guess it's someone who Layton knows, but do we know him/her? I also would love to see Don Paolo again, in a much bigger, villain role. But I guess that if he will appear in the next game it will be again a cameo! But I really look forward to the next one!

By the way: There are still some question marks to be found on the profile page. Do they open up when I have solved every puzzle?

Also: So far all the daily puzzles released where in 10 different category's. While very fun, I want to see the other category's pretty soon. After all, there are 20 category spaces on the page!



Finally going to get around to playing this while I wait for the November 22nd releases. It's my first Layton game and I hope I enjoy it as much as most of you Have. I really want to get into the Layton and Ace Attorney games as they've always intrigued me yet I've never played them.

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I think this one is much better than the last specter. Last Specter had frustrating puzzles and even this game does but only a few of them.

As for the game, Its the best 3DS game I've played so far so you guys should definitely get it. I'm looking forward to Azran Legacy being the last Layton game.


I never got the chance to play Ace attorney.....

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