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What features would you like to see in a future update?
This can include Puzzle Panels, Find Mii Hats/enemies/add-ons, Accomplishments, anything. Personally, I'd like to see every region have a map, Pokemon Puzzles and Pokemon hats and more hats/masks in general, and regular unlockable Nintendo tracks or maybe a gallery of "classic game cover art" (that costs Play Coins). You should also be able to get, say, 20 Play Coins a day, and max out at 999 instead of 300.

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Forget 20 Play Coins a day, you should be able to get unlimited amounts per day. At least, that's the only way people in an area where Nintendo isn't very popular can succeed.

And as far as Find Mii 3 goes, I don't want them to up enemy health and stuff even more, Find Mii 2 is already annoying for people not in Japan as it is.

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