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After the runaway success of Shovelknight, I had a peek around kickstarter for other potential 3DS games in the works, this one REALLY caught my eye... they've reached the funding goal for a PC version but its looking like the funding has slowed upon reaching that milestone.

They're on $38,000 with 20 days left, $65,000 requested for a 3DS version, hoping it gets some publicity some time soon, kind of looks like Plants vs Zombies... in space... with deliriously fun pixel animation
Apologies if this topic been up already.

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i hope they dont reach the 11th goal... too many viruses out there for more cyber love LOL

edit and i dont like the wording on the websites...might buy it if it ever comes out but doubt i would give them cash before it does (do you pay before it comes out or PAY after it comes out) i mean they go if we hit 65k we put it on the 3ds We dont have 3ds kitsand have no idea how much they cost.. THey would turn around and go o we did not know they were this high and now we need 200k before we put it on the 3ds


With your help, we can maximize our chance to get our dev-kits from Nintendo. We count on you to spread the word and raise attention to get us there. We need some extra time to do it though. The estimated delivery is the end of 2013.

Currently we support English, French, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese. We will release C-Wars for as many regions as we can.

The eShop code generation is not free based on the information we got so far, and we don't have the access to the dev-kits yet, thus we don't know the exact cost. We will figure out some tiers for the 3DS/WiiU users. Our backers will be able to choose between Steam Key and eShop Key.

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This announcement got a lot of attention from you guys. In terms of techs, it's C++, which is nothing new for us. In terms of license, we have absolutely NO IDEA whether we can get the dev-kits from Sony or not. We’ve begun contacting them to see the possibilities, but unfortunately we have a rather small chance with the popularity of C-Wars now, although 20+ news/games websites have already covered the C-Wars KS campaign. But if you can spread the word, up the pledge, our chance will be higher. Let's cross our fingers for this one.

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Hmmm, dubious.
More research needed on this methinks. Essentially with kickstarter you pay to help fund the product, so you donate upfront then they reward you once the product is released, a $10 donation gets you a copy of the game in this case. I'm not entirely sure what happens if a studio fails to honour their pledge targets but... you make a good point, if they're not sure how much a 3DS dev kit costs then... time to sit on the fence for a tad...

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The site did say something about the C-Wars Devs being official 3DS Developers. Is that good news?

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Whirlpool wrote:

5 Days Away from deadline, and it still hasn't reached its 3DS goal.

Crud! Crud! It's almost there though! It might just make it if it just gets some more coverage! Nintendolife should do a reminder news post or something to entice final downers. 5 days might just be enough to get the goal.


Hey guys, our thread for posting Kickstarter projects is here if you'd like to add this project and discuss there. Thank you! :3

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