Topic: Post pictures of your hand-held gaming systems here.

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I have an atari lynx somewhere packed away.... that was a cool system.




Just got a new Purple 3DS this past week for Zelda. The red was is my Girlfriends that I had used the past 2 years off and on. My vita I have been enjoying since launch!



I have five 3DSs because my wife and I were day one buyers of 3DS, then upgraded to XLs and my four-year old son has a black 3DS (Was going to give him my old one, but traded a friend a monitor for it). Haha

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My collection is a little incomplete but I'm happy with it.

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GuSilverFlame wrote:

I'd post mine but it would have 3.5 handhelds(found the lower half of my old GBA SP ) and only the 3DS in good state(though my DS Lite doesn't look broken it's just that the buttons became jelly)
yeah I need to learn how to take care of my stuff......

^see? I said it would be 3.5 handhelds
please ignore the pink GBA port protection on the DSLite it is from my siter's DSLite I couldn't find mine and since hers was lying around unused I picked it

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Mainer82 wrote:


My collection is a little incomplete but I'm happy with it.

My god... I am jealous. I want this collection NOW. Amazing.

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