Topic: poll Does the 3DSs' 3D effects hurt your eyes? :(

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In pilotwings resort on full 3D it can be a little anoying but you''ll get used to it
I always turn it down a bit in that game,in the other games I had no problem with the 3d

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I'm perfectly fine with the 3D effects. I can play Pilotwings Resort with full 3D for an hour and nothing happens to my eyes

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Ive been playing for hours and havent had any problems.



I'm slowly getting used to it. I'm finding different settings work better in different games. I just played a bit of Monkey Ball at just over half way up but had to bring it down to quarter up for Monkey Race.

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Nope, no problems here. I did wake up with a headache this morning, but I'm thinking it's related to allergies.

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When I played the 3DS at Best Buy, the 3D effect didn't hurt my eyes. Then again, I only played it for 10 minutes.

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I haven't had any trouble at all. My eyes don't hurt.


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I've been playing with the 3D switch halfway up with no problems at all. I found the effect overpowering on full.

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I have always been extremely sensitive and prone to headaches and eye pain when it come to 3D, and even first person shooters. So I was really nervous about this system.

That said, I have had no issue whatsoever with the 3D. The slider works perfectly for finding you comfort zone.

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A little. Maybe it was just the particular game or the fact that I played it for about an hour straight. It wasn't anything to worry about, I don't think.

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Chaoslink1 wrote:

In pilotwings resort on full 3D it can be a little anoying but you''ll get used to it
I always turn it down a bit in that game,in the other games I had no problem with the 3d

I've got to agree that when the 3D slider is turned all the way up in PilotWings Resort the 3D does seem a little to strong my eyes. So far as 'hurting' the eyes, no, it doesn't seem to hurt my eyes in way, it's just a bit uncomfortable I guess when turned all the way up but nothing else.

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Me and my bro played late at Best Buy switching off for about 45 mins. But neither of us experienced any problems. I'm not sure if its that we kept moving, or if it just doesn't affect us.

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Surprisingly, I feel fine after playing it on and off for a couple hours. I was worried most that it'd give me a headache. My eyes are certainly feeling dry, but I can live with that. I've eye drops aplenty and don't plan to play this long in the future, at least not with 3D enabled.

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I strongly recommend playing it in short burts for a few days before going all out on a 20 hour marathon. Because, as far as I was concerned, the first time I layed eyes on the console, after 20 minutes I felt dizzy. Now I can play all day with 3D activated, I think I won't feel too bad after.

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Been playing SSF4 since Thursday evening in bursts of perhaps 1 to 2 hours each. No eye strain and no side effects, with the 3D slider at about 3/4.


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Not at all I can almost always have it up on the highest 3D setting, except for Pilotwings for some reason...


Yup, it hurts mine. Every thing stays doubled for like a minute. DX

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I'm completely fine with it. Really depends on the person. I guess. I haven't even had problems staying in the sweet spot with games like FaceRaiders, despite having to move around a lot. I suspect there's just a certain knack for it that you need to acquire. It seems like it came to me more easily than most.

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No issues at all from me so far! It seems that the image is much clearer with the slider around halfway.

UPDATE: Madden definitely is giving me headaches. Not the migraines I've gotten from 3D before, but I think it's the constant change from 2D to 3D from constantly utilizing the touchscreen to select plays.

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No problem with my eyes...but apparently I get "seasick" while playing 3D. DAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM! I hope I get past this.

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