Topic: poll Does the 3DSs' 3D effects hurt your eyes? :(

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I played it for about 20 minutes at a demo stand at my local gamestop recently & my eyes started hurting badly has anybody else had the same problem?

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Nope. Not one bit. Logged about 150 hours so far and no problems.

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nice! I have poor eyesite so I usually avoid Handhelds,I'm not sure if it's my eyes or the 3D effects that are the issue,but one thing is certain the 3DS looks so cool ......

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no not to my eyes

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Doesn't hurt my eyes but after a few longer sessions I've had the same "spaced out" feeling I get after watching a 3D movie with the glasses. I just did the first GP on Ridge Racer and now it feels slightly odd when I'm focussing on my monitor.

I do find the reflective quality to the top screen to be very annoying though.

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I get a little sore after an hour or so, but it goes away later. It's not enough discourage me, and my eyes will definitely get used to it

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I felt very sick after the first few minutes of playing Ridge Racer but after turning the 3D down lower, I've been able to play fine.



I was a bit hungover this morning, and I was thinking that in that state, the 3D wouldn't be making me feel any better.

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The only problem I get is that my eyes get tired after a few hours,
Turn the 3D effect to absolute minimum, if it's any better slowly work upwards.



I got abit of eye strain after playing Ridge Racer with full 3D for a 3 hours straight but I have had a fiddle with the 3D and found a comfortable level



I was thinking about the 3D effect after trying Pilotwings for a few hours yesterday and I think the main problem is that while your brain is tricked by the two different images, the question of focus has not been addressed.

Even if you cover one eye, your brain knows if something is close or far because it has to focus differently. That's why if you look at your hand everything that is farther out is blurred. The inverse is also true.

But when you look at the false 3D images generated by the 3DS your eye always focuses to a close object (the actual screen). So basically the brain is getting a contradictory message: The two images are telling it something is farther or closer while the actual way the eye focuses sees something that is always close. I believe this may cause problems in the long run but of course, I'm no expert or anything...

This I think is also what makes Pilotwings so weird on full 3d. The perceived depth is too big and the difference between your plane and the background is too far compared to the way everything is in focus for the eye... I tried the first person view with full 3d and it's much easier on the eyes because everything is farther out so there's not so much contrast...

Part of the problem could be solved if game developers used some kind of blur so the image you see in 3D is closer to what you'd see in real life, but this would force players to look to where developers chose (which might be good for some kinds of games) and it still doesn't solve the focus problem which I think is really the biggest one...

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Err... no lol

My sister wears glasses so hurt her eyes alot!

But am uneffect by 3D

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Nope,my eyes should be bleeding after the amount i have played since Friday.I'm actually getting more used to it,and can now crank 3d full blast on ridge racer and pilotwings.

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After a few solid hours of SSFIV on full 3D my eyes went a bit funny, but turning it down to about half way seemed to remedy the problem. I think I am getting used to it though...

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I can't play Pilot Wings with the 3D up full, I see two images, I play it about half-way.

As for everything else, full 3D is fine. Not sure why it's different for Pilot Wings.



I suffer from issues with 3D myself. I'm going to pick up my 3DS in a few minutes, and put in on to charge while at church, and I'll be firing it up until the battery dies on it in a few hours. I'll let you guys know if I have any issues with it. Hopefully not!

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not in any way.

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I wear glasses all the time, and am old enough that I now wear glasses for reading as well, and I have NO problems with eye strain or seeing the 3D. It worried me that I would, but I'm doing fine. I think the 3D is cool, and I really thought I'd leave it off to play, but I keep it switched full when I play.

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I don't appear to have any problems viewing 3D.

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