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Wouldn't it be cool if there was a Remake of Pokemon Yellow for the 3ds. It would be cool because there would be Wi-Fi connection, The Graphics would be better, The ability to catch all 500+ Pokemon, and the main reason to pic Pikachu as a Starter Pokemon Again.
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It Could Be Called Pokemon Light Yellow.

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They remade Red and Blue for GBA, and Yellow was a remake of R&B, so, you could just get LeafGreen or FireRed. and as for it coming out for 3DS, it's highly unlikely. IN all of the Pokemon remakes, they never remade the the third game. So, yeah, not gonna happen. Oh, and in SS and HG, you can go to Kanto.


Xkhaoz wrote:

They remade Red and Blue for GBA, and Yellow was a remake of R&B, so, you could just get LeafGreen or FireRed. and as for it coming out for 3DS, it's highly unlikely. IN all of the Pokemon remakes, they never remade the the third game. So, yeah, not gonna happen. Oh, and in SS and HG, you can go to Kanto.

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@MarioFoy If you really want to play Yellow, then go to flea markets, garage sales, pawn shops, trading posts, anywhere where you might find it. Also try online shops, like eBay and Craigslist.


Probably not...They already remade Red and Green. There wasn't really much different with Yellow either. Only the fact that you start with Pikachu and you can get every starter and the original's main point was improved graphics that looked more like the Pokemon on the show, other then that everything was identical. It is like all the other 3rd Pokemon games in the generations. Improved graphics/animations, easier to get hard to find Pokemon, exclusive Pokemon, and a slightly different plot (but not for Yellow except for the fact Blue has an Eevee.) I'd much rather see a Ruby, Sapphire remake because that is the region I haven't played in for the longest time.

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I doubt it, especially since Yellow is pretty much an enhanced version of Red and Blue. Red and Blue were further enhanced with FireRed and LeafGreen, so there's no need for a Yellow remake since there's already an ultimate version of Kanto Pokémon. The best there might be is, like Xkaohz said already, a 3DS remake of Ruby and Sapphire, following in the footsteps of other Pokémon remakes (FireRed and LeafGreen for GBA and HeartGold and SoulSilver for DS). But I must admit that having Pikachu for a starter again is a nice idea.

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It's not impossible, just highly unlikely.

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I don't see the point, since we can now play with our pokemon outside our Ballz

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Pikachu as a starter sucked. First gym is ROCK. It is useless at the beginning of the game.

The Game.

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i don't think they should.

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It'd be the most redundant Pokémon game ever. They would have made it as athird version for FR/LG if there ever were plans to make it.

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Yellow was a fun tie-in with the anime series, but otherwise exactly the same as Red/Blue. You're not missing out on anything.

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I do wish that FireRed and LeafGreen had kept some of Yellow's improvements [Chansey in Pokémon Center, Jessie & James with Team Rocket, closer to the anime gym lineups (although they never did give Blaine a Magmar) and the Surfing Pikachu Mini-game (with some way to get a Pikachu that knows Surf)].

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I would want a remake to follow the TV series much more closely. Instead of playing as "Red", you would play as Ash who would actually talk instead of being the silent hero. Events from the TV series would happen in the game. So when you get to Viridian Forest, you have to fight Samurai and run away from a swam of Beedrill.

You would also be able to recuit Brock and Misty and switch to them, however, they can't catch new Pokemon, can't evolve their Pokemon or teach their Pokemon new moves until the story allows it. And in story progression scenes, you can't switch to them, you have to remain as Ash.

If you watched the early TV episodes, you should be able to think of many new additions to the game. If you really can't think of anything beyond how Red and Blue were updated, then go back and watch those episodes again. Each trainer, location and event from episode of the TV series up until Ash leaves Kanto would make their appearance in the remake. Knowledge of the events from the anime would help in playing the game - if you have the same team at certain points as Ash does in the show, you get rewarded.

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^but the player wouldn't be aloowed to ever beat the league if there was such a game!!! gamefreak would be forced to make an unbeatable game!!!

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There'd be no reason to, Yellow is simply Red/Blue with different Pokemon distributions and a more anime feel. And re-remaking Red/Blue would be just pointless.

Now a sequel on the other hand...


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A Yellow remake is the game I'm most intrested in, the Ruby/Saphire remake rumours sound so boring to me since they were the weakes entries.

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The last thing i want is to play a game ive played a dozen times already again. Also yellow is barely any different from Red and blue(aside from the fact that your starter pokemon is pretty underwhelming).

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There really doesn't sound like much of a reason to remake Yellow. There's already enough smack talk that Nintendo "only does remakes and rehashes". And I only see this really catching the attention of nostalgia freaks who deem the original Pokemon as the greatest and even then they probably wouldn't buy it because they're too busy complaining that there's "Icecream Pokemon".
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