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As the title says I am having some dramas with Pokemon Y.

The game works in other 3DS consoles. Other 3DS games (Adventure Time, Ocarina of Time, Starfox) work in this console and other consoles. This is the only game that doesn't even initialise.

Anyone had this issue before and know a work around, or have some suggestions as to what may fix this error?



I'm sorry to say that you might have a defective copy. You might have to go and have it replaced.
If your game isn't from the same region your 3DS is, that could also be why.

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I''m having the exact same issue. its not a defective copy. my brotther and i have both x & y. My brothrers machhine can play both,, but mine can play neither.
I dont think its region bloking becuase my DS is not japanese. with the w3ds theres only two regions Japan and the rest of the world...would appreciate any information if anyone has any




Cleaning is my guess. Clean the prongs on the cartridge with alcohol and let dry, clean the connectors on the system with canned air. If that doesn't work then it is a defective copy, defects don't always effect all systems the same.

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@sbalani: No, there are three regions — JP, EU, and NA. Could it be possible that your brother's 3DS is not the same region as yours?

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