Topic: Pokemon X/Y has Streetpass and Spotpass!

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I saw something on the eshop that said:
"Displays 3D visuals
Supports Online Play
Supports Streetpass
Supports Spotpass"
What could it do?

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My thoughts:
Streetpass: Battling other trainers pre-selected teams of Pokémon
Spotpass: Items, Rare Pokemon, and same as Streetpass.

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Sounds good

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I'm going to bank on franchise history here...

The IR scanners of the gameboy color allowed people in close proximity to "mystery gift" a random, sometimes rare item from a friend once a day. This sounds eerily like a streetpass feature.

For spotpass, although I would love to see a zone that changes based on daily updates (what pokemon appear on a specific island, what trainers are available, etc), I'm going to guess we receive promotional poketech apps similar to what's been done for the DS games on the Gobal Link website.

The new global link website will lose the promotional features to spotpass, but add much more to the experience and be where the innovation really kicks in. I only say that because Gamefreak has the server architecture to do something amazing, would have to pay for upkeep of those servers even if they weren't being used for something new, and is closing current features to make way for a new global link website shortly before release of X and Y.

Back to streetpass speculation: I wouldn't feel to pleased if I opened up my 3DS and saw that I lost to TinyTim398 because I walked past him randomly, but having an area where streetpassed trainers have their teams at the time of passing saved to battle would be awesome. It would be even better if an algorithm recorded how players used their attacks (I.E. I usually use Swagger on my own partner pokemon in a double battle to increase his attack, avoiding confusion with a persim berry and attacking with a move that hits both pokemon), although I seriously doubt that would happen.

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