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For those who have played Pokemon X and Y, you may have done Wonder Trades. The quick, trade system, where you send a Pokemon to someone and get a mysterious Pokemon back. My brother calls it an "An all you can get Pidgy-Fest", after obtaining several Pidgys. I have had good results. I'm wonder what have you put up for Wonder Trade, and what you got back, in this thread.
I traded a Low Level Caterpie for a Level 25 Clauncher
I've also traded a Level 15 Driftloon for a Level 45 Torkoal
I hope to trade a Level 14 Bagon next, in hopes to make up for the fact that I'm a bad trader at the moment.
I got another Level 14 Bagon and traded it for a Low Level Weedle. On the bright side, I've never gotten a Weedle before.

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I traded a Flecthling for a Japanese Gulpin, and a Mr. Mime for a Chespin. I'd be more excited for it if I hadn't started with him.

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