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Looking for someone that has charmeleon in his safari ... Add me

FC: 5343-8692-6928


@ilovegaming could you add me please?
I have dark safari, friend code 4914-3961-1718
With Crawdaunt and Vullaby



I just added you.

Edit: Also just added you back @RamseyT11

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My friend Safari has Electrode, Electabuzz and Galvantula.


Looking for Safaries with Kanto starters, and also Fairy Safaries.



Hey, I added you! Friend code is in my sig!

Currently Playing: Pokémon Y
My Haunted Ghost Pokémon Safari: Pumpkaboo, Shuppet, and Spiritomb

Nintendo Network ID: Clavis_Gladius | Twitter:


@RamseyT11 I added you, could you add back and let me know my Safari types?

Edit: actually for anyone who wants to add me please do!
I don't have any Pokemon playing friends

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FC: 1607 - 2776 - 2478
friend safari: water with octillery, gyarados, frogadier


Looking for friends to add, mostly prefered Ghost and Ice!

  • But anyone can add

FC - 4699 - 6751 - 7098
Add me
Safari type - Rock


Clavis wrote:

Anyone have Charmeleon in their Friend Safari?

Added you

3DS Friend Code:1676-3750-2426
Shinies in Pokémon X: Clawitzer, Lanturn, Basculin, Poliwag, Luvdisc, Seaking, Gyarados, Chesnaught, Corsola, Clamperl X2.
Electric friend safari with Electabuzz, Zebstrika and Emolga.


My friend code is 0404-7083-0208. Please add me! thanks.

3DS Friend Code: 0404-7083-0208
Fire Safari zone: magmar, charmeleon, and ninetales


my friend code is on page 565

5086-1649-2352 is my FC anyone can add me


Not sure what kind of safari i have but will add anyone



@dydepriest I added you but it didn't register. Make sure to double-check that you entered my code correctly.

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-Mario Kart 8 (Wii U)
-Yoshi's New Island (3DS)
-Pokemon Y (3DS)
-Child of Light (Wii U)

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I would be interested to see what I've got hidden away in my safari. Feel free to add me, can't have too many friends. =P

FC: 3024-6310-3933


@Djehwty added you! I want to know what's in mine as well lol.

3DS Friend Code: 0404-7083-0208
Fire Safari zone: magmar, charmeleon, and ninetales


MotiveUnknown wrote:

adding everyone btw, new to the 3DS and i need some friends

Can u add me please? Fc in sig. I'll add anyone by the way. Looking to increase my list and find a ditto safari

3DS FC:1118 0218 6083


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