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Nitemare wrote:

Hiryonin wrote:

Hi guys!
Add me please, I am looking for Eevee Friend Safari.
But I first want to get a very large friend safari!

I got Boldore and Puppitar in my friend Safari. Don't know my 3ed yet.

Added, add back since I need an Ivysaur!

Sorry but have to ask it that an ergo proxy profile pic?



Looking for Dark Safari but adding everyone
My FC is 1220-7483-6587



Kevvo wrote:

@PrimusOfAsgard, i added you. i have a normal type with chancey and kecleon add me back

Thanks, I've added you. Still need Audino though....

FC: 2105-9560-2922

<something clever>


Hey, is there anyone with a friend code for poison and whirlipede? My friend code is 5000-1667-8665. I have Eevee on mine if anybody wants one? Thanks



@jimmydipp90 Added.

3DS FC: 1418-6880-4562
Pokemon Y: Rock type with Dwebble, Pupitar and Shuckle.


Im adding anyone who posts on here. if you specify my name though i will add you quicker because my email will inform me. I won't be directly on here though because i have a lot of studying for exams. I have a rock safari with pupitar, dwebble and some other Pokemon. My friend code is 4768-7457-3827.

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my friend code is 4768-7457-3827 and have a rock safari


add me please i have fire safari anyone can add me my friend code is on page 565

5086-1649-2352 is my FC anyone can add me


Really need a larvesta safari
But I'll add anyone

FC : 3780 9564 5007


ilovegaming wrote:

@sarah5ive Added you back! I have a charmeleon in my friend safari so happy hunting!

@ilovegaming I added you too ^^ I have been searching for someone with a charmeleon in his safari

FC: 5343-8692-6928


@SupRNova you type is electric with a Emolga, Stunfisk and for your third you will need to go online for me to tell you that

Friend Code: 0018 - 1479 - 9243
Name: C.C.
Ice Type Safari: Snover, Bergmite and Lapras


Looking for a person with a charmeleon in his safari ... Add me

FC: 5343-8692-6928


@SupRNova, I added you back!

FC: 1306-5492-2790
Normal: Chansey, Lilipup and Kecleon
Name: Kevvo
***If you add me remember to mention me (@Kevvo) so I can add you back!***


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