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zoroarkrules25 wrote:

Retro is correct. A user sent pokebeach some inside info, that has been correct months before it was announced. The user has detailed parabolic charge, and the English names of these 4 new pokemon along with their description. He has also sent some other interesting info in which most likely will become real.

I noticed they also left out that fairy is super effective on ice.

Except the part where it says to take the information with a grain of salt and that they are classifying it as unconfirmed.


That is the unedited one. If you read the second link, you will see they now say he is trustworthy so i say it's true.

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well there you go there will be fairy type pokemon and so that means say hello to duo typed moves
Wasn't expecting this at all
so pokebeach will be publishing the rest of the rumoured (and pretty much confirmed) news eventually can't wait to see it, wonder if the amount of new guys there are
Yeah kalos looks alot like France

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Retro_on_theGo wrote:

FAIRY TYPE CONFIRMED!! At first i didnt know how to feel but hey! Ut boosts posion and bumps dragons!! I welcome the fairies with open arms!!! This is gonna be the best gen since Johto!

Confirmed by my third cousin's uncle's wife right now

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I totally agree, he creeped me out to. Also fire starter, only a few moves will be dual typed according to this.

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Dev wrote:


So I am to assume that Pokemon XX and Pokemon YY are going to take take place in Southern France...I mean Kalos?

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firestarter2398 wrote:

when you say darker do you mean a more evil pokemon series like set in a dark mysterious region where dark types are more powerful and there are more of the than there are other types, then no, pokemon is a good thing and should not be used for evil
however, it would be interesting to see

What the?....No. I mean more intense battles, a more serious story line and a different moral to the end of each episode.

If there will be duo type moves, they probably will change thunder punch to a thunder and fighting type , fire punch to a fire and fighting , and of course, so on.
Ice fang, thunder fang, and fire fang, will probably have dark type as well as their own type.

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just wonder why fairy types have any relationship with fire :/

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@caprainsquid Now that you say that, I honestly hope they wont do something crazy like tri type pokemon....

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Judging from the ribbon icon at the bottom, might we assume contests are making a return?

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I liked the contest in SS more than the other ones.....

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I never played black or white 2. I predicted that something like this would come up and I was right ;D. Still, is it not sorta funny that they ran out of colors, so now they are going to letters?

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