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This just in a rumor has come in from a guy who leaked boldore, roglola, petill, jellicent, joltik, ferroseed, and veinipede with concept art stating that later today there will be a supprise announcement stating the legend's and slyveon's types. He says that there is a new type, the fairy type. He states that they will reveal that xernmas is fairy typed, sylveon is a fairy type, and yvulltel is dark and flying. What do you think? I believe it since he leaked a lot of real info for gen 5.

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I just preordered X today.

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zoroarkrules25 In the comments theres a link to the 8 pokemon he leaked all at once.

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It's severely outdated, but I guess you can look at it if you want. (?)
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As he said, it's rumoured that Pokemon X and Y includes a new Fairy type, that Sylveon, Xerneas and Clefairy use it and that Yveltal is a Flying/Dark type.

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It comes from a very realiable source so I'd say it is more like 50/50

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We don't need new types. If we have a new type then the whole game could become messed up. What exactly would a fairy type be weak too? What would it be super effective against? See the problem, so this is most likely a false rumor.

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The guy leaked all of black and white's pokedex( with pictures and names) so i find it hard to believe he is wrong. Also there is a chart for how the type would work, look it up.

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I think there is still a big chance that Sylveon is a new type.

What else could it be?

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If there is a Fairy type, I think that it will be weak to Electric(there's an Eeveelution chart on Poké and Eeveelutions are adjacent to ones that they are weak/strong against). Still, every rumour is a tall tale to me.

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i highly doubt on the fairy type rumor cuz of the fact that wouldnt the X legendary be fairy type then? but at the same time the Y legend seems to be dark/flying so.. wouldnt they need another type to balance it out too? it just doesnt make sense =S

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All this talk of new types is a complete nonsense to me... if they were to introduce a new type this late into the franchise it would totally alter the PKMN meta-game, and it could quite easily unbalance the whole game if they did. I think what's more likely to happen is that we're going to see some new type pairing... I'd like to see a Fire/Water type or a Grass/Ice type, or maybe even a Fighting/Dragon type.

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To be honest, I don't care if they unbalance the metagame. Many other franchises have made massive changes to how the games are played competitively, so why shouldn't Pokemon just change it enough to cause the metagame to be completely overhauled and thrown off balance? Other competitive communities have had way worse/better changes made that new types added, yet they just got on with and dealt with them.

Additionally, I think there's a lot of ways in which the current metagame is broken that new types could potentially fix. Like making ice types more useful. Or nerfing dragons significantly.

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The game is already unbalanced. The grass and ice types are weak against too much. Dragon is overpowered.

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