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Dude, that picture has been around since January.



Hm, the websites i saw today said it came out today and has received a lot of attention.

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That thing looks really ugly.

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I've grown really tired of seeing all these fake designs, I'd love to finally see some real new Pokemon at this point.

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Well nintendo has decided not to show us any this month. Hopefully next month though we will get some.

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That doesn't neccesairly mean anything though. There could be leaks at anytime. I saw all 3 of unova's starters( final and middle) forms leaked the 2nd week of it's announcement.

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zoroarkrules25 wrote:

Hm, look what popped up on the internet today:


it supposedly shows froakie's final evolution. I don't like that much but i also like it at the same time. What does everyone think about this?

Seriously, not even the same artsyle. Looks too fuzzy and unfinished to be official art, yet too clean to a poor quality snapshot. It's the fakiest fake we've seen faked yet.

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Hm, i guess but i did post this on other sites and there was a debate over weather or not this matched ken's art style.

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Darn you beat me to it.

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zoroarkrules25 wrote:

Hm, look what popped up on the internet today:

That's all that needs to be said. Moving on!

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Fingers crossed for Fire/Fighting reveal. LET THE LITERAL FLAMING BEGIN

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Should I post here that a supposed Mewtwo form has been brought forth? ...Well. It hasn't been confirmed, but it's on posters for the Extremespeed Genesect! movie... not sure if this should go into Pokemon General Discussion, or if there's a thread for the movie. But if it's true, there's a new form for X/Y.
Proof on whether it's legit or not will probably come in the next CoroCoro.

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Kinda hoping that it's actually an April Fool's joke, but it's a bit late for that, no?

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