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Retro_on_theGo wrote:

I'm guessing we won't get much more news today. I'm worried Pokemon Smash is just gonna show the clip we've already seen and call it a day.

they should show a new trailer for the movie 16

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So are we expecting this to be similar to Black and White where there are no older gen pokes until after you beat the main game.

Also after seeing the type of smaller dlc Fire emblem got and the large scale stuff for Mario I'm excited for what they play. To do for X and Y. I'm guessing that it's going to be spotpasas stuff for event poke one and new areas like regions for paid dlc.


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Sony_70 wrote:

So are we expecting this to be similar to Black and White where there are no older gen pokes until after you beat the main game.

I'm actually expecting the opposite.

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Only nintendo knows what to expect. We will learn more about sylveon when the new movie comes out because sylveon is what the sort before the movie is about.

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CrimsonFire13 wrote:

Rumor 130 new pokemon and tech to talk to pokemon

Hm while it is more believeable( this spelled right?) because it is simple and more realistic. Lets look at the pros and cons.

Pros: it is simple and not out of the possibility.
There was a person in the devon corp who talked about making a device to talk to pokemon. There was also someon in devon corp that talked about making a device to see pokemon's dreams. That came true in gen 5. The person claims to be just a worker but not a developer.

cons: it is very early for us to see this. We don't know if we can trust the person or not.

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lol wow chill out jeez i was like the 2nd one to say it might be a fighting type from what i can remember but for the fact that flying and fighting might seem to be the only ones that might actually fit <.< not just "cause" i also went with that type after seeing that one attack in the trailer i thought it might be possible not every pkm has to look like their type specially when they have 2 types

but we will see what happens im still thinking we might get more eeveelutions then this one

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i'm hoping for some new twist moves; especially on dark type; which i'm pretty sure there is a serious lack of utility; also a new type sounds great...

I hope my pokemon on diamond can join in this time around (heh.)


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Who else is really hoping the contests return?

Ruby+Sapphire memories~

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Nope. If that contest stuff were to become necessary to any new Pokemon's evolution line then NO! I've never done it myself but I've seen how tedious evolving a Feebas was (thank goodness for Gen 5 making a trade item for that) and I don't want that rubbish idea coming back; the contest/evolution idea I mean, contests themselves I'm neither for or against.

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Really? I thought they were pretty fun.

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So, I'm not sure if this rumour was posted yet, but:

Basically, the rumour is that you now can't name the main character, there are two different time periods you go between ala Ocarina of Time (with different Pokemon, characters, younger/older versions of characters, geography, etc) and that the new evil team is trying to mess up the past to affect the future by way of paradoxes and the butterfly effect.

There's also talk of a 'bond' system to replace happiness in them.

I don't believe it myself, but it's an interesting set of rumours regardless, don't you think?

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Hm i was think ok this is semi possible at the start then it went out of hand for me. The part about munchlax is a bit random. I like the idea of the evil team messing with the timeline but wouldn't they need celebii for that? Also the characters sound interesting but not convincing enough for me. I don't believe, there would more then likely be more then 99 new pokemon and they wouldn't consist of just evolutions and pre evolutions and 6 new legends. Shinnoh had like 15 new legends. I don't believe this but it is an interesting idea.

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Pretty much none of those rumours sound even remotely plausible.

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That is true 4chan rarely gets real information.

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This is awesome! I rarely play any 3DS games nowadays, but if there's a new Pokemon game at stake, you just know you gotta have it.



i'm just real excited for this game!!!!!!!!! can't wait for it to come out

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