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Wow, the MegaAmparos looks gorgeous! I must have it!

I just wish they would have given the new forms more interesting names than "mega"

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It's nice because they're more like alternate formes than evolutions.

Also... OMG THAT LITTLE MOUSE JUST LOOK AT IT IT'S ADORABLE- erm ahem... It pretty much looks like Pikachu used to look in gen 1 when it was adorable.

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A new gymleader who is an in line skater and is the key to understanding these mega evolutions:


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I don't know about this.. I really like the bunny, but the MEGA EVOLUTIONS look pretty stupid.
Oh well, maybe I'll get used to them eventually.

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I do not see the difference between form changes and the new Mega Evolutions. It seems the new Mewtwo is one of them. Also, three new Pokémon, yay!

New Pokémon:

This Pokémon evolves into Gogoat, a Pokémon first shown a few months ago. Basically just a cuter and smaller version of Gogoat without the horns. I think this Pokémon and its evolution are gonna be some of the most popular Grass-type Pokémon for those who did not pick Chespin at the start of the game.

This Pokémon is similar to Buneary from Diamond/Pearl. It also reminds me a lot of those bunnies is Super Mario 64. I expect this guy to evolve in something tougher. If it is as good as Buneary's evolution, Lopunny, this could be a valuable addition to your team. This is likely going to be a balanced Pokémon without too many specialties like many Normal types.

This is the traditional electric rodent creature we have come to expect from the series ever since Pikachu appeared in Red and Blue, right down to the colourful round patches on its cheeks. What intrigues me is that it is actually a member of that mysterious new Fairy type as well. This cute little hamster thing is already one of my favourites. Look at those antennae!

New Mega Forms:

Type: Fire/Fighting
The white mane-like feathers on this Ruby/Sapphire classic's head are now different and it also sports some flames on its arms. I like the dark patches on his legs.

Type: Fighting/Steel
Everyone's favourite Fighting/Steel beast gains even more knuckles of steel when it goes in Mega form and a furry tail. Those waving tails on his head make him look even more intimidating. I also like the new patches of red on his body.

Type: Steel/Fairy
Mawile now looks as if he put some extra pants on, but the most distinguishing feature about its Mega form has to be its second pair of jaws on top of its head. Interstingly, Mawile is now a member of the Fairy type in both of its forms, much like Jigglypuff, Marril and Gardevoir.

Type: Dark
This version of Absol has wings, giving him a sort of Pegasus-like quality.

Type: Electric/Dragon
What are these weird fluffy clouds on Ampharos' body? What I find even more intruiging about this new Mega form, though, is the fact that it is part Dragon, which undoubtedly allows for different strategies than the ones you might use with the regular Ampharos.

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They're not really evolutions, just alrernate powered up versions of these pokemon. It will be easier to understand and accept if we avoid to call them "evolutions" in the traditional pokemon sense.

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That Gym Leader's helmet kind of resembles a skull. Is it a Ghost-type Gym Leader? Or perhaps a Dark-type Gym Leader? Oh god please let it be the latter for crying out really loud!

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You are right. I accidentally read Fire. fixed that to avoid any further confusion. Also, it seems those Mega forms can be activated during battles with something called a Mega Stone.

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I don't like MegaBlaziken! The thing is I saw one of them and thought woah Lucario has an evolution woah Mawile has an evolution Blaziken wait what so Blaziken has this mega thing so I guess now all starters would have a mega form. And I guess it's good to know that Mawile's fairy type. But these mega things I don't like them. I don't get if they're evolutions or forms. Ampharos uh. Anyway these shouldn't be these mega things just simple evolutions just not for Ampharos and Blaziken. I DON'T LIKE THIS.

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For me the whole biggest scoop was a big disappointing confusion for me

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Oh and no Oorotto art uh GF's being extremely loose with Oorotto. Also that silohette from the GF website has that been revealed as anything yet?

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Pokemon should become even more complex by letting some pokemon have up to 3 types.

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....So, what's the big deal on Mega Evolutions?...Do they have to evolve a certain way or something?

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firestarter2398 wrote:

Oh and no Oorotto art uh GF's being extremely loose with Oorotto. Also that silohette from the GF website has that been revealed as anything yet?

It is some game they are making with horse racing and solitaire.

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Retro_on_theGo wrote:

Emaan wrote:

MegaAmpharos looks mega lame

They all do except for Mawhile.


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