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Then we will have to use the godliest weapon every to catch him:


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rumours don't come from the guy who's got so much right so I doubt them
korondo, the evolution of Pancham is here it looks looks awesome. Dark/fighting with iron fist ability
shushup is a weird fairy typed birdy thing with healer ability
squids, maika and karamanero, are from the same line and are dark/psychic. karamanero has a new dark move turn over
a puff ball cotton candy thing peroppafu s fairy type with new ability sweet pale
honedge has no guard ability
clauncher s exclusive to x and skrelp is exclusive to y
two gym leaders one with robot arms and his normal arms, it seems he may be psychic type or steel type, a guy that sees to rock climbing so maybe rock type
professor purataanu s a guy so Patrice doesn't really suit him especially with his looks
evil team is team flair/flare
xerneas is fairy type while yveltal is dark/flying

so a lot of new stuff today with evolutions and his is all thanks to serebii

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I have commited to myself to stop looking at pokemon news until i finish Pokemon X.THis would make it the first pokemon since as long as i could remember that i didnt know anything about the pkmn since i started playing


New info:

  • Xerneas is Fairy
  • Yveltal is Dark/Flying
  • Xerneas has the ability Fairy Aura, which powers up Fairy moves and a move called Geo Control.
  • Yveltal has the ability Dark Aura, which Boosts Dark moves and a move called Death Wing.
  • Honedge has the No Guard ability. (No Levitate I guess)
  • Clauncher and Skrelp are exclusive to each version.
  • Shitoron and Zakura are two new Gym Leaders
  • Prof. Platane is the main professor and will battle you at certain points in the game.
  • Evil team is called Team Flare.
  • Improved connection via PSS to things like GTS and Global Link.

Five new creatures revealed:

Evolution of Pancham shown earlier. It seems it evolves in some new way. I have to say this guy looks exceptionally baddonkey. Looks like it could become a fan favourite. Has Hammer Arm.

A squid but not a water type? It has an interesting combo of Dark/Psychic, so keep it safe from Bugs. Apparently it can learn a move that switches its stats.

Maika evolves into Karamanero. Look at that beak and that confident smirk on its face. This is one of my favourite designs already. Can learn Hypnosis.

This Fairy-type bird will only appear in Y. Apparently it is one of those Pokémon that are good at using healing moves. Although it is not a Flying-type, it appears this thing can fly with those small wings, so perhaps it or its possible evolution will be capable of learning Fly.

Instead of Shushup, X players will meet Peroppafu, a Pokémon resembling cotton candy. Yeah, you read it correctly, there's a cotton candy Pokémon now. Look at that derpy smile. Looks like a love baby of a Cottonee and a Jigglypuff. Cute and fluffy. I actually kinda like it.

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its confirmed Yveltal is Dark/Flying and Xerneas is Fairy!!!!!



Why does Karamanero remind me of Orochimaru from Naruto...? o_o

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Guys guys guys
serebii update says "The teaser for next month's CoroCoro issue, due for release on August 12th 2013, is said that the magazine will contain the biggest scoop of the century. We'll provide details on that next month
HOLY poopiedoodledingdongdays. excuse my language but biggest scoop of the century. If we go by the rumour that has been proven right pretty much then, double type moves, mewtwo third form probably 5-7 new pokemon and well with biggest scoop of the century being involved 3 of the 5-7 should be starter evolutions and logic and reasoning hopefully dragon Eevee

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Don't mind me asking, as I'm sure it's already been mentioned but:

What is the type matchup between Fairy and Dark / Flying in Xerneas and Yveltal's case?

Also, is Honedge a rare Pokemon or no? It reminds me of the kind of pseudo-legendaries like Volcarana.

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There is not much known about the Fairy type. All we know now is that it is offesively strong against Dragon-type Pokémon. I don't know anything about Honedge's rarity, but it is probably like the Klink, Magnemite or Bronzong of this game. I doubt it will be overly rare.

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Thing about honedge is that it's been revealed for a few days so not much is gonna be known. Hell if we made predictions on it people thought it's ability was levitate it wasn't though. Will it evolve well hopefully
I was just thinking that rumour that has been getting everything right has got prof wrong it's platane not patrice so does this mean that rumour's fake? I mean it has to be real with evrything it got right no one can be that lucky to get Fairy type right, english names of Pancham, gogoat, fletchling and helioptile no I think they are telling truths but just got this slightly wrong I mean they got the first letter of prof right

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Rensch wrote:

  • Yveltal has Dark Aura, which Boosts Dark moves and a move called Death Wing.

Wow, I never thought I would have heard "Die" in a pokemon game.

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So I don't want my Pancham to evolve. I like him the way he is!
This thing is gonna evolve to look like a Plague Doctor, I can feel it!
I REALLY like this guy! I actually kinda hope he doesn't evolve...
This guy looks strange... But I feel like I'm gonna like him more later on like how I felt about Eelektross at first.
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Super excited for this. Preordered both X and Y. I'll be playing X and my son will be on Y. Trying to get the wife into it also. She's a gamer, but never got into Pokemon much. I've been playing Black 2 a lot lately, mostly for competitive battles.

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Oh man that Pancham evo. is awesome. And the squids... I like. No opinion really on the cotton candy/bird one, but they're cute. I'm a little disappointed though, since Clauncher is exclusive to X. (I was planning on getting Y, but I guess once more exclusives are revealed I'll need to decide on a game...) I also feel like the only one who's enjoy these new characters' designs a lot, too. One more thing, it seems odd that Yveltal has two types while Xerneas only has one.


Shadowing wrote:

Rensch wrote:

  • Yveltal has Dark Aura, which Boosts Dark moves and a move called Death Wing.

Wow, I never thought I would have heard "Die" in a pokemon game.

There has been towers and other buildings filled with literally dead pokemon in every game... The first games outright tell you that team rocket has been killing a bunch of pokemon, one pf them being cubone's mother.

Meowph, that's right!

Oh look! A Morphloggery.
Oh! eShop Gurus.

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Also, another thing about the bird Pokemon, it makes even more sense for it to be a plague doctor. Its theme is supposed to be fragrances and its move is Aromatherapy, and plague doctors would put fragrances in their masks and drench their coats in perfume since they though it would ward off the evil of the plague. So, yeah, I'm liking Shushup a lot.


So team flair ay. Another fire using evil team who's soul purpose is making money load of crap really. It'll be we beat them and it says (character) earned (money) but team flair grunt doesn't give it you and runs away. What a duck

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