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dissembled wrote:

I wish Pokemon are allowed more than four moves this time. Battling becomes a bit tedious with only four moves at a time. This applies especially when trying to level up a specific Pokemon. Allowing us more than 4 moves at a time will add a lot more variety to combat in my opinion. Does anyone else agree?

Nah, I wouldn't like that at all. Four has always felt good in my opinion.

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Fairy Type Confirmed and Two New Pokémon.

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A "Light" type will never happen, guys. Here's why: "Dark" is just the English translation. The actual Japanese name for the dark type is closer in meaning to "Trickster", "Cheater", or "Dirty fighter".

The way the trifecta works in Japanese is as follows:

-An honorable fighter (Fighting) will always prevail over a dirty cheater (Dark) but will be stumped by a psychic's predicting abilities (Psychic)

-A psychic (Psychic) can predict a good fighter's (Fighting) every move but can't wrap his head around a dirty trickster/cheaters' ways (Dark)

-The sly nature of the trickster (Dark) baffles those wise of mind (Psychic) but a just and fair fighter (Fighter) will see through a cheater's ways

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Nibelilt wrote:


I just want to say back when the last Coro was leaked, but before the site updated, we got this information from a poster PokéBeach called WaterPokemonMaster:

Fairy will be a new type. It is weak to Poison and Steel, immune to Dragon, and super effective against Dragon, Dark, and Fighting-type Pokemon.
Sylveon is Fairy-type. Some older Pokemon will be reclassified to Fairy, such as Mawile (Steel/Fairy).
Mewtwo has two new formes, not just one. Both are activated via items.
The professor's English name is Patrice.
The Starter final evolutions are, as many people predicted, Fire/Psychic, Grass/Fighting, and Water/Dark.
The first Gym is Bug, the second is Fairy, and the fourth is Fighting.
A few attacks will be dual-typed.
There will be a new type of battling style that Flying-type Pokemon and Pokemon with Levitate can participate in.
You will be able to see a Pokemon's EVs at a certain in-game facility. You will be able to boost the EVs through mini-games(is this referring to the Amie?) It will take about two hours to get one stat to max EVs.

Normally, I don't post or support rumours, but this probably isn't just coincidence. Of course, some of this could just be false fan dr---
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guys let's give in all he said will be true. He got the 4 english names the pokemon last month right with the exception of one letter, he got parabolic charge right, he got fairy type correct and he got that dragon is weak to fairy and pokemon amie if this is coincidence then that's just some weird s*** but give in dual type moves, the starters evolution types (yay not fire/fighting), the gyms, professor Patrice and mewtwo's new two forms are all gonna be right no need for that grain of salt anymore it's all true

Seeing we got sylveon's type before it's evolution method suggests something big but probably not. Fairy stone? Fairy rock in the fairy garden (or some other place (fairy cave)) or maybe (probably the most sense) happiness with the pokemon amie thing
i just the town map and saw that huge purple crystal thing at the bottom of the cloud in the top right corner this maybe linked with sylveon's evolution

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Thanks! I will provide my thoughts on these three new creatures if anything new is revealed. There appears to be a roundtable at E3 tonight for this game. Perhaps Nintendo will tell a little bit more then.

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Oh, sweet lord, I can even interact with my Pokemon now?! I can do more than just force them to fight? This is simply too much. I didn't think it was possible to want this game more than I already did, but... oh sweet lord, this is just PERFECT.

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Retro_on_theGo wrote:

Oh man so much information at the roundtable! Fletchling's evolution looks awesome.

OH MY GOD!!!!!! A LION FIRE TYPE!!!!!! I'VE BEEN WANTING ONE FOR YEARS!!! I even designed my own as a little kid!!!! IM SO HAPPY!!! X3

Pics or gtfo

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turtlelink wrote:

Retro_on_theGo wrote:

Oh man so much information at the roundtable! Fletchling's evolution looks awesome.

OH MY GOD!!!!!! A LION FIRE TYPE!!!!!! I'VE BEEN WANTING ONE FOR YEARS!!! I even designed my own as a little kid!!!! IM SO HAPPY!!! X3

Pics or gtfo

Video recording wasn't allowed at the roundtable.


Retro_on_theGo wrote:

Video recording wasn't allowed at the roundtable.

Ah man. Oh well. I was talking to my friend telling him I hope they make Fairy weak to poison so they could balance out the metagame and buff poison types and it seems like my wish came true!

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Character customization beyond skin and hair color has also been indirectly confirmed via an image showing various faces of players.

Meowph, that's right!

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Morphtorok wrote:

Character customization beyond skin and hair color has also been indirectly confirmed via an image showing various faces of players.

That's the people you meet in the game, like your friends a list of friends and passerby

Woah what fire lion all I saw noivern, vivillon, skrelp, clauncher, talonflame

Talonflame is the evolved form of fletchling this is the first flying/normal you encounter so early that gains a type instead of stay the same. It sought of reminds me of swallow like the way it's built up in the design so maybe it doesn't evolve again

And gogoat isn't the only rideable pokemon rhyhorn is rideable spikes in the donkey all the through mountains but seriously rhyhorn was so awesome, then it evolved into rhyperior making it epic and now you ride it rhyhorn is beyond epic

Skrelp'll be the powerful runt evolution in this region, magikarp and feebas know it too

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Type: Water
This seems to be the Krabby or Corphish of these new titles. It appears to be like a lobster or a prawn of sorts. This could be one of those Pokemon you find while fishing. Can learn Crab Hammer.

Type: Water/Poison
This guy is kinda like Horsea. It looks like one of those sea horses that look like the seaweed they hide in as a form of camouflage. As a Poison type it can learn Sludge Bomb.

Type: Fire, Flying
This Pokemon evolves from Fletchling, the bird shown last month. It changes from Normal to Fire, which would explain why Fletchling can learn Flame Charge. This creature turns out to be a fresh departure from the old Normal/Flying standard. It can learn Brave Bird, which fans know is powerful, but it also damages the user.

New clip showing these three new faces as well as new Sky and Horde Battles:

Sky Battle happens in the air with Flying pokemon or ones with Levitate. Horde Battles let you take on multiple foes with just one pokemon.

Other newly shown features include:

  • More visible IV and EV values
  • More on custmization of your avatar
  • Selectable languages at the start of the game. German, Spanish, Japanese, English, French, Korean and Italian.
  • Improved communication and friend list through Pokemon Search System
  • Backwards compatibility
  • Rhyhorn is rideable in mountains much like Gogoat is in Lumiose City (you can rent these rides in certain locations to get around more easily)
  • Selectable music tracks in multiplayer battles

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did you guys hear that at the start of the game you get a choice of seven languages that you can play the game in? that is certainly different.
and the pss thing is awesome. it's how you can connect to anybody playing pokemon x & y even if they are on the other side of the world. this game is going to be epic man.

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Corocoro reveals several more Pokémon. Spewpa was mentioned on the official site the other day, but for the others we have only Japanese names. The same goes for human characters and locations:


Kofukimushi (Japanese name)
Type: Bug
This is Kalos's caterpillar Pokémon. Think of it as a Caterpie, Sewaddle, Wurmple or Weedle. Much like those it first goes through a larval phase, then a cocoon and finally a mature form, which is Vivillion who was revealed the other day.

Type: Bug
This appears to be like the cocoon phase that it stays in until it becomes Vivillion. Is that furry body made of silk? This guy probably knows the move Harden.

Shishiko (Jap. name)
Type: Fire/Normal
This is a lion cub of sorts. Judging from that flame on its head, it will evolve to have huge fiery mane, which is a design I have been wanting to see for years. This is kind of like a fiery version of Shinx.

Furabebe (Jap. name)
Type: Fairy
At first glance this looks like a grass type Pokémon, but closer inspection reveals it is a little fairy merely hanging on to a flower. I am intrigued by this cute little thing. Is that flower its nest? This is clearly the most intriguing of the newly revealed Pokémon, not in the least because it is a member of the new Fairy-type group.

  • There is a Bug gym in Hakudan City led by Viola.
  • The town you start from is called Asame in Japanese.
  • There are several main characters besides you which are Sana, Pansy, Tieruno and Toroba plus the one you did not choose to play as. The boy is called Callum, the girl Serena. These names may change in the English game.
  • You may have already noticed it in yesterday's trailer, but there is apparently a pet Rhyhorn in your front lawn.
  • New moves include Fairy Wind and Battle Cry

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