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I wish next Pokemon games has more things to do such as Mini games with reward, Small Tycoon, Item Gathering, Decorating town / house , etc.
I'm quite bored with same routine to hunt certain Pokemons.



Octane wrote:

It's weird. US and UM sound like the most boring and predictable ''sequels'' of any Pokemon game, yet they decided to make two of them...

Even worse, they probably get away with it.

I'm not so sure about that. Even Pokemon's pedigree will have a hard time saving this game from poor marketing and poor word of mouth. I wouldn't be surprised if this ends up a sub 5 million seller and becomes the worst selling main series game in history.

In a sense, this game feels like Pokemon's Federation Force. It's the game no one asked for and is hitting all of the wrong notes of what people want in a Pokemon game. That usually not a formula that translates into success.


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Excuse me but do you know something the rest of us don't? Because I'm pretty sure that none of us know anything about the game to make that kind of a statement. And I totally disagree with no one wanting these games because I know plenty of people who do. Since when do you speak for the whole world? Next time just speak for yourself.

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While I'll say that @Pokefanmum82 was overly harsh with their post, I will admit that I totally agree with their point.

Yes, we know absolutely nothing about US & UM, which means anyone saying they may become the "worst selling main series game" is just going too far. But I know I'm still interested in getting these games. Heck, I bought both versions. And I know a few dozen friends who intend to buy them too, even though we know nothing.

Thing is, unlike with Metroid Federation Force, we know we're getting Pokémon on Switch. So I don't think that comparison can be made so easily. This is essentially the Black 2 & White 2 to tide us over until pokemon comes to Switch. And there's nothing wrong with that.

Besides, we know that the region is going to have a few changes here and there (etc, the black portal, Necrozma's new forms/story, more Z-moves, Dusk Lycanroc and whatever else they have yet to mention) which is good enough to many people. Particularly for those who never got Sun & Moon and for those who fully intend to double-dip like myself. Some people prefer to be surprised.

Maybe Gamefreak has heard how disappointed people were when they played the games and already knew about 90% of the new pokemon? Maybe this is the response to that.

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Are the Ultra games essentially the Black 2 & White 2 though? I don't think so. Yes, we have a serious lack of information, but there are plenty of hints already that would argue otherwise.

We know the story of Black 2 & White 2 and the plot hold up to its standard. All we know about the story in Sun and Moon Ultra is that Necrozma will be involved, together with Lunala and Solgaleo. There isn't even a new legendary on the cover, just new fusion versions. Everything we've seen so far is either unexciting or revamped.

Pokémon has been known for not being very innovative, it always make me think twice about buying yet another Pokémon mainline game. This game looks like a prime example. Easy cash, Gamefreak doesn't have to bother if fans keep buying their games ''even though they know nothing.''

But hey, they showed us dusk form Lycanroc. That should be convincing enough!

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The legendary in the cover is a different one from the previous games. It just happens to look almost identical.

Anyway, yeah I'm in the "we don't know anything" group. I'll hope the games will be amazing and stay at that until I can know the contrary.

Also, regardless of how new they will be, I'll still enjoy having a new SM game to to trade with.

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Sometimes I can't be bothered to tap the button that switches the keyboard for the one with symbols.

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I for one am looking forward to these games, I love Sun and Moon and felt they were the best Pokemon games I've played in a long time.

Meow. :3

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@Bolt_Strike 5 million is still a lot though. I'm just wondering how the industry would react if other franchises were rehashed like Pokemon. ''Here's Ultra Uncharted 4! It comes with a new level and 2 minutes of extra cut-scenes...'' Now I know they've been doing this since the beginning, but I think that if you're going to release two sequels, they better have some substantial new content.

Anyway, Rockruff can only evolve into Dusk Form when it has the Own Tempo ability, which is neither part of its normal abilities, nor its hidden ability. So it's more like Ash-Greninja. A special Rockruff, with a special ability and an exclusive evolution.



Lycanroc is also getting a signature Z- Move.

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Finally something significant and game changing was shown off. Wasn't sure if we ever would see something legitimately exciting from this game. New UBs is actually a pretty big deal because it's the first time completely new species of Pokemon have been introduced mid gen. If this is really a Gen 7.5 scenario and we're getting a large batch of new Pokemon this game that actually would turn this game's impression around pretty quickly. Although I doubt they're going that far (we probably won't see something along the lines of that until at least 8th gen), probably just a few new UBs and maybe another event Pokemon (gotta have something to fill the gap in between this game and the 8th gen games).


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I like UB Assembly, but UB Burst...meh.

The new parts of the game are intriguing, but these games are starting to look more like enhanced mid-Gen games. I'm fine with that, but we were clearly spoiled by Black/White 2.

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New UBs were a surprise.

Granted they're probably more poorly designed then all of our current ones.

But they earned a "you tried" sticker at least. Assembly makes me wonder if they took inspiration from Botw's guardians.

The fact that they're setting the standard for new pokemon getting added mid gen does spike a lot of interest. If there is enough new Alolan forms and pokemon (I expect at least a few more Ultra Beast and a mythical) then these could be the best sequels to previous games yet. Only thing else it really needs, is to reshape the story (looks like it, game even starts out differently) and to add more meaningful things to do (like frontier rather then maison copied battle tree).. the pikachu park not being one of those things.

New megas I'd like to see them keep up with every gen. I don't like the idea of making megas only for one generation and then neglecting them when the concept can help out a lot of pokemon outshined by the current megas and other stuff.

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@xPH03N1Xx86 In some ways, like graphics and no hms, yeah ,Su Mo is the best, but when it comes to others, like online system, player personalization, and even the pokemon available in the wild, it is not very good.

Guess i was spoiled by the Gen 6 OrAs games.

I never liked the concept of megas, they are way too OP, that was the only part of Gen 6 i didn't like( well that, and the introduction of the fairy type). Yeah it helped out a few pokemon, but it only made things worse for the rest.

Too be honest, i wish they would get rid of all the megas, especially now that we have Z moves.

And instead of new ultra beasts, id prefer new alola forms instead. I never liked the ultra beasts either, i traded all of mine away. All the resources used to make ultras and megas could have been better used either making new gen 7 pokemon or making new alolan forms.

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The Direct trailer has pretty much almost solidified my choice to skip on the Ultra games. I absolutely love Pokémon but I can wait for the new games to come out on the Switch. I don't really see the point of getting Ultra.



This is some pretty neat art. Big takeaways are Lillie (in her Z-powered form..) seemingly being a trainer and spacesuit person at the top.


edit: Oh, missed there's two more people on the upper left lol
Looks like they all wear something that resembles spacesuits. Fallers who live in Ultra Space? We already had those guys in what appears to be Kartana's space

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Those are definitely some new npcs up there.

Still, too bad no other main character seems to have even a slight redesign.

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They do look a bit galacty. Who knows.

How funny would it be if instead of a gen 4 remake we got a gen 4 sequel + gen 7 third edition combo mutant thingy.

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