Topic: Pokemon that if you had/have it you would NOT trade ever

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Here's a small list of Pokemon that I own that I won't trade ever: Shiny Genesect, shiny Rayquaza with V-Create and Dragon Ascent plus perfect stats, shiny HA Serperior, and my shiny english Mew.
If I had a shiny HA Tepig or shiny HA Oshawott with egg moves I wouldn't trade those either.

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I clone everything so nothing I wouldn't give away.

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My Victini that I got for playing Black soon after its release. It's one of my favourite legendaries.




I don't really trade at all unless it's something I bred multiples of

everything's good and it'll be that way forever!

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I am trying to catch them all, so I am not willing to trade any unless I have multiples of them

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Shiny umbreon



Veloticus wrote:

Shiny umbreon

^ This, so much.

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i had a shiny gloom but my stupid alpha sapphire got corrupted. i also had a shiny oshawatt in Pokemon white but i lost the game and i last remember playing it at school. i still have a shiny phyduck and gumshoose in moon.



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