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@Rexcalibr I'll tell you something: Finding a game with pokemon that have better stats that they are allowed to is impossible in case you think that, and from what I'm seeing, you are checking the ideal charizard's speed. Is yours a competitive charizard with it's points invested on speed? Didn't it use moves to boost it's speed? Did you know what item it was holding?

I tell you this because I play competitive... a lot. I haven't found unfair situations with no explanation since the couple years (counting X and Y ) I've been playing. I have found criticized strategies that are considered unfair by certain gaming communities and of course many of these pokemon are hacked/cloned to be perfect (meaning that they have the best stats possible for their species but they can't get more stats since the game doesn't allow it) but nothing else. In other words , if the best speed of Ramparados is 272 (for example) you won't find one with a higher number, not even 273.

If I have been playing for so long without finding these situations, chances are your situations are normal too and that they have a perfect explanation, you just don't know the reason behind it. Don't worry about that stuff and enjoy the game.

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Back in gen 4, I had a Rampardos holding a Focus Sash while knowing Rock Polish. Then I used Stone Edge or Earthquake (and maybe Crunch?) to sweep the enemy. So, there is stuff like that.

And yeah, natures + EVs make a difference.

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im just posting to say i caught tapu lele in a premier ball (i try to have all my competitive pokes come out of premier balls where possible) with hidden power fire. took freaking forever, damn gamefreak for guaranteeing three perfect IVs on legendaries

everything's good and it'll be that way forever!

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There's an update for this on the eshop, I wonder what's it about.

Edit: and just after I wrote that I noticed the article detailing it.

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They added a new ability; Stability.

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