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As a professional Pokémon trainer I am just loving Pokédex 3D.
Shear eye candy and an essential tool for any serious Pokémon trainer.
I discovered how to make Pokémon AR markers today at work (easy just print them out)
And look what jumped out of the screen at me!


I thought it would be fun to have a thread sharing our photos of Pokémon in Augmented Reality.

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That was a fun cheat,

drew some symbols on graph paper to test this thing out, I can figure this out why can't I move then around like the AR cards and are they suppsoe to do more?



That is pretty awesome, dude.

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I drew a little pokemon marker and it worked fantastic, but Im waiting for someone to make a massive pokemon AR mat so we can see lifesized pokemon next to people. lol
It has to be so much easier than trying to make a giant ? AR card. Black and white floor tiles should do, I mean its only an 8x8 square, that would only be 64 Tiles.

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