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Hey im building a competitive team and would like your thoughts on these two for my psychical attackers

Firstly Haxourus
with a brave nature ev's on attack and speed
Moves are
Dragon dance
Dragon claw
Dragon tail
and outrage

A Rampardos
With a serious nature evs on attack and defence
its move are
Sword dance
Chip away
and Zen headbutt


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Haxorus obviously. With Mold Breaker.

And change those moves please.. Outrage and Dragon Dance are ok but change the other two Earthquake and Brick Break of Rock Slide are better choices.


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Haxorus with Brave? No no no no no. Change that to Adamant.

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If you really want to get into competitive Pokémon teambuilding, go to Smogon. Those guys have got everything you could possibly think of (and then some) covered when it comes to teambuilding.

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hey guys you wouldnt happen to know a website were you can go to to build your attacks of a certain pkm? like to set the right attacks since at times i end up picking a bad attack with the pkm having a bad narute for that attack if that makes sense =S

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