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Hi! I've read an awful lot of comments and posts concerning the 3DS' short battery life and long charge time. Obviously this would be very inconvenient for those who bring their handhelds with them everywhere, but will it be an issue for at-home gamers too? The way that it's worded suggests that you can't play while you charge the console. Is this true?




I would guess you can play while charging with the AC Adapter, because if I am correct (which is about 50:50) then the 3DS comes with a charging cradle and an AC Adapter. On the older DS's you could play while charging so I don't see why that wouldn't be possible on teh 3DS

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Yeah, I'm pretty sure you can either dock the 3DS or opt to use a standard cord. If that is the case then I see no reason why one wouldn't be able to play while on the cord. Don't worry, Nintendo does make some pretty oddball decisions sometimes but I don't think they would do something as stupid as not letting someone play with their 3DS while its charging.

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Take a look at the video in this article
On the top screen you can see a battery indicator icon which is orange with a flashing plug in it. From screenshots of the 3DS menu it seems to use the same battery indicator symbols as the DSi, and on a DSi this icon means that the console is plugged in. Therefore, I take this video as proof that you can play it while it's charging.

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Okay! Thanks for the clarification, everyone!



Also, if you didn't notice, the 3DS has been plugged in and running at every playable event so far.

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I believe the charging cradle is meant to allow you to conveniently keep the 3DS in suspend mode at home all the time when not in use. This is so that you can take advantage of SpotPoss's 24/7 connection. As others said, the packaged AC charger is most likely intended to be used for charging while playing.

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@Bell It can, it's just more convenient that you can place it on the cradle and take it off easily. That's Nintendo thinking of the customers for you. Also the cradle has an on/off switch so it doesn't have to waste electricity if you leave it plugged in all the time.

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DSi and DSiXL chargers ARE compatible with the 3DS. Sounds like my problem is solved then


The cradle allows the downloads and updates go much faster.

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