Topic: Places where you have gotten the most Street Passes?

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I am in Disney World Epcot and have gotten about 15 street passes so far today (where I live I don't get any.) Where have you found the most street pass opportunities at?

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At a yearly flea market, I got three. :3

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I was about to say, Disney World. I kept filling up my plaza faster than I could check it (to be fair, I was plenty busy enjoying the park). Seriously, it's like a goldmine, so many kids- okay, that sounds awful, but really, it's just natural a place like that would have lots of 3DS owners, consider kids are a big portion of them. Plus you get streetpasses from all different states and countries at a place like that.

Other than that... my college. I get a lot there. It's a tech college and has a game design major, so once again, it is a pretty natural place find other 3DS owners, just walking to and from classes tended to get me at least 5 streetpasses.

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Oh, and if you are at Disney World, what the heck are you doing on the internet?! Go have fun!!!

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ShadJV wrote:

Oh, and if you are at Disney World, what the heck are you doing on the internet?! Go have fun!!!

Harr, Harr.
Well I was in the Disney World hotel I was staying at when I posted this so, tomorrow ill have loads of fun (going to Disney world for the FIRST TIME holy crap!)

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Video game stores and toy shops. I heard comic book and anime expos are some of the best spots for Streetpasses, haven't tried yet.



Any place where a lot of people congregate, especially if the reason for the congregation is nerd-related (anime/comic conventions, game launches, etc.) is a good spot for StreetPasses. Outside of my school, I've gotten quite a few at music festivals, Taste of Chicago, and Darling Harbor in Sydney (though there was probably some convention there; I saw some cosplayers while passing through).

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I got around 150 after one week at Disneyland in California.

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In High School I can expect 4-6 daily.

The rest of the kids stick to the ultimate maturity of the iPhone. "Why do you have a 3DS? I had one when I was 5. Get an iTouch."

For the record, these kids stick to the shallow games like Angry Turds and Doodle Jump. I doubt any of them touch Chaos Rings, World of Goo, TWEWY or any other games with even minor depth or redeeming qualities.

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At Pikes Place in Seattle. I had 4 streetpasses in 30 minutes from people I've never met opposed to streetpassing friends.

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Going to expo`s involving anything to do with video games, sci-fi, comic book, or anime / japanese culure related are always worth going too.
The most I`ve had in one day was just oved 120 hits at MCM expo back in may. I would of had more if my 3DS didn`t die on me.
Also, aswell as expo`s, I`ve found on the UK nintendo site that they tour around shopping malls in the UK to promote games. Go to site map, then events and it`ll tell you where they`ll be next. You won`t get the amount of hits like the expo`s, but it`s worth hanging out at these for a while.
I don`t know if they do that anywhere else, but it`s worth finding out.
Other than that, I only really get a couple hits at my local high street on a normal day.
@Shiromikio you must go to an expo at some point, you`ll clear off the puzzle peices pretty quickly, but the street pass quest can be a bit of a chore with so many level 1 mii`s though, just remember to team them up if you`re on the second quest.

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The Legend of Zelda symphony. 130+ streetpasses!

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The most I've ever gotten at one time was 2 at my local Gamestop..
EDIT: Nevermind, I just remembered that last year I got 3 streetpasses at my high school one day..

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The most I got was like 7 or so and that was at Target last year on the day after Christmas.

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the most at gamescom, so much...
In cologne or a other big city's I sometimes get up to 10 streetpasses.
At home in my town I get one streetpass a month.
If I want to streetpass I have to travel, but it's ok.



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Think i got 2 in Legoland in Denmark, 2-3 in Copenhagen and 2 in Oslo this summer. Where I live i usually get none, but I meet my cousins from time to time and think I got one in my town once. My 3ds is 1 1/2 year old. Have only finished streetpass quest twice, and not started on the second quest. Kirby is the only puzzle i have finished xP


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Barbiegurl777 wrote:

Ironically enough at my local walmart at night time. I got 4 streetpass hit's there all together. It's weird because the last couple of times I went there I've come out with a streetpass hit almost every time.

Happy Gaming! (^_^)

That's most likely their demo system, you can streetpass some of them.

Oh, and I got like 45 streetpasses at a Pokemon regional tournament last year.

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