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Ya, I guess that wouldn't make sense

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I actually do believe that Nintendo will give us a Pikmin 3DS game although it might not officially be announced until this years E3 conference.

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Could be a Pikmin 2 remake....I dunno, we just know already that 3 is for the Wii, lol.

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Ooooooo, I'm telling Nintendooooo, oooooo. Someone let that slipped or it's just a mistake.

Then again, in that Iwata Asks session, Miyamoto seemed... suspicious. Wouldn't be too surprised if Pikmin 3 moved to the 3DS, but I think the Wii deserves it. Either way, Imma be satisfied.



That was a mistake, and they will be removing it from their site soon. Hence the reason it says sold out now. Nintendo has confirmed... news on Game Radar I think it was....

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