Topic: PIKMIN 3! But which console?

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Perhaps what should happen is that Pikmin 3 should be on the Wii and have a download ticket code thing for the 3DS. Therefore someone may Download a pikmin app(this app may not even be necessary) so that the wii can be able to connect to the 3DS so that one person can play as Olimar an another person can play as louie. For example: in the legend of zelda: Wind Waker one could play as link and another could play as Tingle using the Tingle tuner on the Game Boy Advance.

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wii, lol thats sorta obvious. it wouldnt be too good on 3ds, in MY opinion. plus this system is for new gamers, they wouldnt buy it. im sure

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Mickeymac wrote:

^I don't agree, yet I still want it on the Wii.

I agree with Mickeymac. I also think that Pikmin 3 would be marvelouss on the Nintendo 3DS.

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