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I got bubble bobble universe today even though nintendo life and few others didnt like it!

I got it 20 pounds brand new:-)

Ive never played "bust a move" or "bubble bobble" ever so i wasnt going out to compare it other ones in series!

But it soooooo addictivexD i havent stop playing it for hole day! On train, bus, on me lunch lying in sun etc lol

And 3D looks great and while theres not stacks of modes. The endless challenge mode suits me down to the ground!

So my question is what is YOUR!

Pick up and GO title?

Sumthing dont need to get into
Just title that you can pick up a couple of minutes or an hour and play ?

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I used to LOVE that game!

I had it for the PSone when i was little.

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Cringing is really fun.


Pilotwinngs and SSF43D are the only 3ds games I have at the moment, and both are great whether you want to play for 5 minutes or several hours.

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My buddy has a GBA SP that sits around in his living room with the original (yes, ORIGINAL) Tetris perpetually plugged into it.

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I have Bust a Move '99 for N64 and Bust a Move PLUS! for WiiWare.

Anyhow, I've seen the price of this game drop to $20 on Amazon. It's unfortunate that there is no online play incorporated as it's very well suited and last year I believe they had Bust a Move DS with online play for $20- apparently the best one yet with it's features.

Huge miss. But at least the 3D effects are one of the best on the 3DS right now.



Super Mario 64 DS is my Pick-Up-and-Go title. See, with Pokemon Black, I have to get my folder with all my EV points in it because I'm usually trying to EV train a pokemon or breed something, but with SM64DS, I can just pick it up and koopa surf on lava or quicksand and have a blast! Making square eggs as Yoshi is always fun too. :3


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