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You know how you can take pics with the DSi and send them to Facebook? (or the SD card and transfer them from there) Was wondering how that would work for this one, I mean...I know that you won't be able to see the 3Dness on a computer, but do you think it could like...make it...erm..."3D viewable?"? You know, where you need the glasses and the pic looks red and blue-ish? xD

I dunno, just was thinking about that, wondering if they'll do it...doubt it though.


I dunno. I'm pretty sure when you put the pics fro ma 3DS onto a computer or anything else that isn't 3D, I'm pretty sure it'll look like what it would look like on 3DS without 3D on.


@BellGoRiiing, as there are not two perspectives on a web browser, I doubt that'll happen. Would be cool though.
@1 (also BellGoRiiing) It wouldn't be hard to filter it to do the red and blue thing. Essentially with two cameras it is taking two perspectives of the same image, slightly left or right of the other camera. For 3D viewing the screen translates that. As far as a transfer, I think there may be a few options
option #1 go with just the left image to put online
option #2 go with just the right
option #3 overlay both images with a red and blue filter, and have it only properly viewable with glasses (but in 3D)
I think option #3 would be rather popular. Especially for family vacation photos and such. You could make youtube videos out of the individual pictures even.

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Yeah, #3 is what I was thinking and #1/2 could just be an option to upload it as a normal picture.
And with the computer, I know there isn't 2 perspectives but they could make it. xD

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Well sense you can change it from 2D to 3D, I think it will be 2D on computers, but 2D to 3D on other 3DS's.

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