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I'll bite. Maybe everyone will stop crying.

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I doubt a petition is going to change their minds.
How many cancelled videogames were put back into production because of a petition?

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Not sure, just thought I'd post it, since it seems to have a lot of fans.

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Wait...that's how you join the devroom? $#!+ then what the F*** was I doing the entire time? Did anybody know about that?

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Untitled Dude, it wont work.



Supposedly this is the only Capcom-recognized 'petition', meaning it will actually do something if there are enough people.

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What the eff. I didn't even know this existed.

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Also if you guys don't want to bother filling all of the info out, you can register by linking your Google account. 's how I registered on Unity a few months ago.



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Joined and signed as Servbot # 007425. I doubt this will change the decision but, I'm willing to take the bite as Megaman Legends was my first taste in 3D gaming. Hopes that this will get somewhere.

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Lol that wont work. Its all up to the devs if they want to do it than it will be done, if they dont it wont. Its that simple no petition is going to change that.

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^^ No, the devs wanted to continue, but the higher ups were like "there's less than 4500 servbots on our developer page, so we're canning it as it's financially unacceptable. :adjusts glasses:"

All of the sudden there's almost almost 8000 servbots registered, and people are signing the Unity petition every second. Y'never know.



lol this not going work

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sure ill sign

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