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Hey guys Hans here with a new topic for Petit computer and specificly for qr codes and reveiws of user created content and i thought as well what better way to release my OS called X Studios OS v1.1 if you would like your game posted to my os just tell me

So far there is Halo Ds
Petit Farm
Petit Blocks

Forbidden (an origional by me)

Some petit computer games
And i saved the best for last

Mega Man 2 Demo

if you would like an easy to use website to post qr codes easily on just go to

I will be posting the OS on this forum and in the downloads of my website
see ya guys and Happy Posting

Hi, I'm SmokedSausage and i like meemoos :^)



@Tasuki thanks for the link
just gonna see how popular i can get this thread and this would as well make it easier for me to release my Os

Hi, I'm SmokedSausage and i like meemoos :^)



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