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My son's 3DS XL keeps turning off as soon as you power it up. We had it checked out and rather than spending money to fix it, my son got another one. Since we couldn't power up the old one, we called Nintendo and they transferred his games to his new system. He has a friend who likes to tinker around with electronics and wants to try to work on the broken 3DS. My question - if his friend manages to get it up and running, would he have access to any personal info left on the 3DS? I don't know exactly how or what is stored on the device. If we change the password to the Nintendo account on the new system would that prevent someone from accessing the account on the old system or if the account was already logged into on the old system, would they already be able to access everything? Again I don't know if there is anything personal on the device but I want to be safe. Thanks for any help!



If Nintendo did a system transfer to move your son's games to the new system (which seems to be the case here), then having the friend tinker with it shouldn't pose any problems at all. The same Nintendo Network ID cannot exist on two 3DS systems at once. System transfers completely factory reset the old system once completed, leaving behind a system with a clean slate.

To be honest, I haven't ever done a system transfer myself (though I do plan on getting a new system soon), so my response is based on information and research that I've gleaned from around the web.

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Thanks Tyranexx! I appreciate you taking the time to respond 😀



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