Topic: Paper Mario: Sticker Star: How do YOU sort your stickers?

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Do you sort them by size? By flashy, shiny, or normal?

I sort my stickers by what kind(example: normal jump, flashy jump, and shiny jump[they're all the same, so why not mix them together?]) and throwable objects(throwing stars go with bones, snowballs, and billard balls). Hammers are the WORST to sort.

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Since my inventory is changing after literally every encounter, I usually don't sort (it's turn based combat, so there's no pressure to pick an action ASAP).

Although, I always keep a big blank space on the very last page of the album, that way I'll always have room for a "thing" sticker, should the need arise.

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From the original four pages, the first page went to jumps, the second to hammers, the third to special stickers like fire flowers and pow blocks, and the fourth to shiny stickers. As shiny stickers became mainstream, I mixed them with their respective move types with the ordinary stickers first, and the back pages were then reserved for flashy stickers. As more pages were added, I also dedicated a page to themed stickers, a page for door stickers, and a page for thing stickers. It sure took awhile to sort them!

...especially if you hit start by accident, thinking you've paused the game, only to destroy all progress you've made sorting.


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This ^^

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I do it compulsively sometimes. I didn't even know that you could sort it yourself.

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As it's been said, I just use the autosort lol

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To be honest, I don't like Auto Sort because once it mixed two of my thing stickers with my jump stickers. I have no idea what a fan and a vaccum have to do with jumping, so that's why I sort them myself.

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I just put the rare stickers on a seperate page from the normal stickers.

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Me too, I'm lazy.

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