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Just entered the NL competition to win this... here's hoping! It looks interesting, but I can't really afford it right now.




I finally got the sticker to peel off but what do I replace it with? & I already knew about the shadowing feature in the game.

I've been stuck on these two level's since 10 this morning & it's now going on 2:30 in the afternoon trying to figure out how to pass them:


DiscordedTeeJay wrote:

Then you're doing it wrong. I peeled off and replaced that same sticker just fine. You're not supposed to aim for the part that's actually peeling off. You have to aim for the center of the sticker. Use your shadow as a guide.

So the sticker I take off I'm suppose to put it in the same spot where it just was? Is there a way to tilt the peice? If I'm taking off the peice then it would have been messed up so there for it'd go in the square at a different angle?

Paper Mario Update:

ok went on youtube to figure out the level the guy talk's alot during the video but seem's alright as far as explaining the level:

If on W1-4 go to the windmill after you use the fan go inside the windmill & hit 4123. I think that'll clear up a good bit of the level. I don't normally go youtube to much but will be watching this guy's channel if he's going to do more walkthrough's on the game you also find the green pipe sticker by typing in that code.

Here's his youtube channel if anyone else need's help on paper mario 3ds:

This guy seem's very th-ur-o (<-- Sorry I can't spell this word right) as far as explaining the level's go.

BTW Thank's Zach777 for all the help I do appreciate it. I'm just more of a visual learner sometimes on video games thank you anyway's!

Happy Gaming! (^_^)

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@Zach777 Lol'd. You're pretty blind if you're going to tell me there aren't any flaws and that reviewers are making up the obtuse puzzle design and frustrating boss fights. I absolutely plan on investing "vast amounts of time" in the game, but in no way is that a requirement for making a judgment on it. As Radixxs said a couple pages back, if I spent $40 on every single 3DS game and spent "vast amounts of time" on each one, I would be broke and have no life.

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To all the doom-sayers regarding the reviews, here's a review written by 1UP. It gives a good argument that Sticker Star's 'flaw' of a sticker system is in fact its most shining feature. The review states Sticker Star has a surprisingly addictive and rewarding aspect to it, despite some confusions and getting stuck.

Read it up.

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In the Drybake arena, I can't crack the toad code with after the sand draining level.
It's the one where the toads all have items.



its no joke looks like its an official price on for 30 dollars now thats a steal for me



xBASSxMONSTAx wrote:

Euro gamer gave it 7/10! .

No way I'm getting it now. I will spend my money on the Wii-U instead

Why does it matter what some reviews say?! I believe a majority of us here think the game is great. I for one love it so far and would give it a 9-10. Almost edges out Kid Icarus for 3ds game of the year!

This game has nice pacing. I love how they somehow got the world's in there like it was a 2d Mario. Its perfect for on the go as well. Even though you don't level up the traditional way you still do level up. The stickers are the star of the show here though. I don't even mind pulling them off whenever I see them. Even the weaker ones can be useful. Beautiful graphics and for me fun game play. I don't even care that most of the enemies are the same. I love the way they make the same enemies different and more difficult by way of paper! Most fun I've had with my 3ds since KI:U!

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If I was only ever able to have Monster Hunter and EO games in the future, I would be a happy man.


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Paper Mario: Sticker Star is so much fun!

Potential Spoilers! What do I need to do about the missing Toad at Water's Edge Way? Also, how do I get to Whammino Mountain? Thanks!


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Alien_Mosky wrote:

Does anyone want to answer my question?

The scraps for 2-5 are located in three other drybake levels. I'm not sure if you want it all said outright, so I'll point out one but not how to get it. In the Yoshi Sphinx stage, in the first area before you enter the warp pipe, you can juuust see a golden chest sitting on the edge of Yoshi's tongue. You need to get to that chest.



I think from now on I'm just gonna buy the 1st party games that get so-so reviews. It worked for this game and also for Other M (another game I loved that other people either loved as well or hated for their own reasons). I just really, really fail to see how anyone can pick up Paper Mario: Sticker Star who has played and enjoyed other games in the series, play it for more than an hour and then be like, "I HATE THIS!"

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I will say that while i am defending that game, that doesn't mean i'm not worried about the "no new characters" thing as indicative (and let's be honest, this is completely true) of the painfully safe route the Mario series is going. But remember kiddies, if this is really true and if you're really mad because of any of this, look at the sales of the NSMB games compared to any Paper Mario game (or almost any other Mario game at all). Granted, another reason could be Other M's commercial failure, which would mean Nintendo is confusing people not liking a game generally considered to have been a good idea executed poorly in favor of assuming people just didn't want change. I mean, I could point out that there are some people that do go to the extreme of kicking and screaming for as long as possible at anything new in any series ever, but I'd like to believe that's a very vocal minority (as loud people on the internet usually...y'know...are)

Also, what I'm guessing is that Intelligent Systems took unnecessary unoriginality and made something genuinely creative out of it.

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Potential Spoilers! What do I need to do about the missing Toad from Water's Edge Way? Thanks!


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I'm definitely going to have to save up for a 3DS. This is so freakin' epic.



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