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I hope this is real, because I'd rather have Paper Mario than Mario & Luigi. I can see major potential with the stylus, and even some graphical potential with the 3D effects.

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Apparently it was announced according to IGN. As long as this is an RPG and not a platformer....thing, then I'll be fine. xD

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Remake like OoT and Star Fox 64? I hope not. I haven't seen pictures yet.

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weirdadam wrote:

Remake like OoT and Star Fox 64? I hope not. I haven't seen pictures yet.

Mario apparently has a Chain Chomp sidekick, so I doubt it's a remake.
Also, it looks like a RPG. Which is good, as I didn't really like Super Paper Mario...

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It doesn't look like a remake. There weren't any thwomps in any of the Paper Marios, and there's one in one of the screens. As axoloth mentioned, there's the chain chomp also (whee ).
I'm really excited. It looks like it uses the turn based battle system , which I enjoy much more than the half platformer half rpg system.
Here are some screens:

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Just let it happen.

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weirdadam wrote:

Remake like OoT and Star Fox 64? I hope not. I haven't seen pictures yet.

From the few screens there are, I've seen things I don't recall from any of the previous Paper Mario games, and I've played the heck out of the first two.

So I'm assuming it's a new game.

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I cannot wait for this. First day purchase for sure.

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I saw the screenshots, it looks like an original turn-based BRAND NEW Paper Mario game. This is ANOTHER day-one purchase for me. Also, it appears that one Mario's new party members is a small Chain Chomp.



Thanks for the many responses. I'm glad it's new. I can't think of any other game offhand that would be better in 3D than Paper Mario. 3D would be very well suited to the pop-up book look.

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Shows just how great their E3 line-up was this year that they didn't even have to show off major 3DS games like Paper Mario, Animal Crossing, and Zelda OoT.
I love Paper Mario A LOT, so this looks fantastic. I hope Paper Mario's move to a handheld doesn't signal the redundancy of the Mario & Luigi series though D:

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I'm glad it's not a remake.

But the remakes of Star Fox 64 and OOT...they are both on VC. Gah what am I saying I'll probably buy them sooner or later.

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Looks great. Will get when it comes out.

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I love Paper Mario and I'll definitely get this with my new 3DS.



Perhaps this is the rumored Paper Mario for DS, adapted for the 3DS?

In any case this is a day 1 buy. Day 1 meaning the day I get the 3DS, which will probably not be day 1.

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Strong line up right away but i will admit i am shocked that is was not announced on stage during there press also it's on a handheld system very interesting decision on there behalf, also like every one here i can't wait. (Hopefully it will be as good as Bowser's Inside Story (that game along with Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door and Super Mario RPG are my absolute favorite of the genre in general.)


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