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Hey everyone since there is no topic this game why not make one. Is there anyone here plan on getting this game coming Tuesday.

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Probably not the 3ds one according to the recent video. Looks clunky, loud, and slows down at points. Not a good sign.
I'm looking out for the console version.

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Was Mariobro4. No, I'm not taking off my's important.

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It's definitely no Pac-Man World, that's for sure... I think I'll be skipping this Pac-Man game...

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I may get this game for Christmas or something, I've always had a Pac-Man obsession since I was a kid growing up in the 80's and it hasn't softened one bit. I don't think I'll go out and buy this game myself unless it's absolutely heralded as an amazing title that is a defining 3DS piece of software, but if someone buys it for me than I'll surely play it and check it out.

Maybe I'll check out reviews as well as YouTube and see how the reviews have been......

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I want Pacman: championship DX. This is not that game. Therefore, do not want.


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I thought this game was delayed to next March?



In the US it comes out Tuesday. I was thinking about getting it but then I saw the 3DS version which got nothing but a typical side-scrolling platformer again -_-. So I don't know. I might get it for my nephew but after the big disaster that Lego Marvel turned out to be on the 3DS, my hopes aren't high.

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I'm a huge Pac-fan, but I watched a Youtube video of a guy playing it and it didn't look that great IMO. I might get a copy of the 3DS version sometime next year when it's cheaper.


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After watching more and more videos of this game my interest is slowly climbing for it and I will probably ask for it for Christmas. I will be tied up with Zelda until then (and beyond) anyhow.

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