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"Pac-Man Tilt" and "Galaga 3D Impact" aren't going to be the only games in this six game compilation cartridge. Here's a list of every game included...

Pac-Man Tilt
Pac-Man Championship Edition
Galaga 3D Impact
Galaga Leigons

Every game except for Pac-Man Tilt will be in 3D, Pac-Man & Galaga are the original arcade versions and will use the 3D to make it seem like you're looking into an arcade cabinet.


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I am more excited for Galaga on 3d than any other release. I've been playing that game since i was 4 in the late 80's a couple years ago i got a cabinet for it and its the best present i've ever been given lol.

I can not wait for Galaga on 3DS!
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Now I have ANOTHER game to add to my must buy list.



is just me or do i hate it in galaga on game consuls where you can only fire 2 shots in 1 second. i own the virtual consul version on wii so i know this first hand

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I wasn't gonna buy this because it appeared to lack depth. With this news I think my mind has been changed! I tried the demo for Championship Edition on 360 and enjoyed it but I don't buy 360 games so I just let it go. Now turns out I can own it! Cool!

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I actually might pick this up. I REALLY loved Pac-Man: CE on the 360, to have it portable would be awesome.

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