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its both games on 1 3DS cartridge. the trailer you see is not the final product. They are thinking of altering the graphics a little. If thats for the bad or the good nobody knows tho.

Either way, watched the first walk through of the game on youtube, didn't looked very interesting tho.

But for the fans its fun tho.

It gets the archievement : first ported game from the wii towards the 3DS.



gatygun wrote:

It gets the archievement : first ported game from the wii towards the 3DS.

Not quite, Ubisoft beat 'em to it with Combat of the Giants: Dinosaur Strike.

As for altered graphics it will most likely be lower res textures(textures don't need to be as big due to the small, lower res screen) and then implementation of more maestro shaders.

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I really liked that One Piece trailer. I think this is a day one purchase if it comes to the United States. I'm sure that the Nintendo 3DS games will cost anywhere from $29.99 to $39.99 depending on the title. A flagship software title like Kid Icarus: Uprising might for either $39.99 or maybe even $49.99 while a less flashy title like Pac-Man 3DS or LEGO Star Wars would be an easier to swallow $29.99.

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Didn't we only get the first Unlimited Cruise? (or Unlimited Adventure or something)

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