Topic: On what time will the 3DS Update air?

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This is kind of a help question, but I've been wondering on what time the update will launch in all the timezones. The update will be worldwide, so what is the time for most countries? My timezone is at UTC/GMT +1 hour, an hour later than the UK timezone. I recal whenever the DSiWare would update, it was always at exact 0am around my time. So knowing the update will be here at 7 June for us, will that be exactly 0am as well?

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well it will be right after the E3 conference from nintendo. maybe sooner but not later. the conference starts at 6pm mideuropean time so at 8pm the update should be there.


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the bottom line is that we don't know. Nintendo's official word is that the update is 'planned for the evening of June 6 Pacific time', so take that as you will. :3

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