Topic: okay im about to send in my 3dsxl to be repaired

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i never sent anything to Nintendo before i think my C-pad became worn out from playing Project X zone also in my one year of owning it it has only dropped like 3times. but this is my 1sth time sending anything off to be repaired is it worth waiting for a month for my video game system to be repaired or should i just go to game stop and buy a brand new one what should i do i also noticed that the back of the XL was becoming loose and was falling off

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Send it in. It will tske about half the price of the 3ds to repair, but it will be very worth it. Plus, you get 300 play coins (The max), A very accurate calibration, and a very accurate time setting. I reccomend you delete all web browser history and cookies though. :/ good luck! I had to send my 3ds in because of some broken buttons BTW.

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